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New BSA Courses for Developing Trainers

There's a new three-part trainer development series.  It begins with The Fundamentals of Training, which introduces new Scouting trainers (both youth and adult) to basic teaching techniques and skills.  The series continues with The Trainer's Edge, which focuses on developing the platform skills of a trainer.  Part 3 (coming soon) will be for master trainers.

Introduction to Leadership Skills (ILS) training within troops (ILST), crews (ILSC), and ships (ILSS) is a pre-requisite for attendance at National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT - offered locally by the MCBSA) and National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE - offered at regional and national training centers).  The Youth Leadership Training Continuum is explained here.

Your MCBSA Training Committee exists to help you. We provide training resources that will enable you to provide an effective and high-quality Scouting program for your youth members. Our job is not just running training courses, though. Our job is training leaders. Every youth member deserves a trained leader!

The training programs described on this website provide an opportunity for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing units to develop new leaders, enhance the skills of veteran leaders, and provide up-to-date information relating to the Scouting program. There's even something for our district- and council-level Scouters.

Please contact the following people with any questions regarding training.


Kenneth Alan Bonnell

Battleground District

Mitch Mellin
Middlesex District Denise Halpin

Thunderbird District

Kathy Fleming

Twin Lights District

Sandy Byard


Training Records and Mandatory Training

We have been working very hard to update the training records of all of the adult leaders in the Monmouth Council. Steps have been taken to ensure that we have redundancy built into the process of maintaining your records as we enter the era of "Mandatory Training". We appreciate your patience and understanding with this, sometimes frustrating, process. If you have not yet completed an inventory of your personal training records please do so soon.
To help you with your inventory, please note that a new Training Validation feature has been added to the Training section of MyScouting. This feature enables MyScouting users with a member ID to look-up individual training record history. The validation feature includes an option for displaying Youth Protection training taken in the past two years as well as an All Training search.

Please include only those training courses that you have completed and that are not already displayed in the Training Validation. Send the form with your updated training records to:
Angela Emer, MCBSA Registrar,
Michael N. Wyman, MCBSA Training Committee,

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