FAQ Regarding Summer Camp Programs

Most common questions are answered in our Leader's Guide which is available for download

We would kindly ask that before you submit a question to our staff, to please check with your unit's Scout Leader first who may have the answer for you. Any major updates are shared with the Unit Leaders as they become available.

What Are the MB-Prereqs for 2024

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  1. What documentation is accepted for "proof of the measles vaccine"?  

           Confirm measles immunity for all campers and staff by receiving written record of:

  •  two doses of MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine);
  • laboratory test showing measles immunity;  
  • laboratory confirmation of measles;
  • birth in the United States before 1957. 

Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly

FSR Camp Director

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Marjorie Ramirez

Marjorie Ramirez

Camping & Program Specialist

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