Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting is the name given to Scouting’s annual financial support campaign.
The Friends of Scouting Campaign is broken into two divisions, Family and Community.  The council’s operation, including upkeep and maintenance of our camping properties, registrations and record keeping services, and our field staff, are all funded through private contributions received through the Friends of Scouting Campaign.

Monmouth Council receives no government funding and no United Way Community Care dollars. 100% of Scouts’ and leaders’ registration fees are transmitted to the national council of the Boy Scouts or used directly to pay insurance costs.

Family Friends of Scouting is our annual appeal to our membership for financial support.  The cost of delivering the full Scouting program for one Scout is $156.  Each Scouting family is asked to support the Monmouth Council at a minimum level of $52, $1 a week.  Families that have the ability to provide additional support are encouraged to do so.  Our goal is to have 100% unit and family participation in the Friends of Scouting campaign. Currently only 23% of our Scouting families pledge their financial support to Monmouth Council.

For those families that have the ability to support the Monmouth Council at a higher level a special recognition program has been created.  All Friends of Scouting supporters who give at the $156 level will receive the Friends of Scouting council shoulder patch pictured above.

Some employers also have a program that the Council refers to as the Volunteer Involvement Program.  The Volunteer Involvement Program is where the company donates to the Monmouth Council in your name for hours you volunteer to Scouting.  Registered Leaders definitely count towards the Volunteer Involvement Programs, but you do not have to be a registered leader to qualify as volunteering for Scouting.  Parents and other family members also volunteer their time by attending meetings, making phone calls, preparing snacks, driving to and from activities and meetings, just to name a few ways to volunteer.  Anything one does for the youth in a Scouting venue counts as volunteering and counts towards these Volunteer Involvement Programs.  Visit your Human Resources Department to see if they participate.


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You can also multiply your contribution by applying for matching gifts from your place of employment. Please enter your company name in the DoubletheDonation box found on our page.

To request a Friends of Scouting presentation for your unit, contact your District Executive.

Community Friends of Scouting gives our local business community the opportunity to show their support for the Scouting program.  Through a number of programs local business and the non-Scouting public can provide much needed financial support to the Monmouth Council.

The most popular way for local businesses to support Monmouth Council is through our annual Sponsorship Campaign.  This campaign gives local businesses an opportunity to show their support of Scouting in a number of ways.  Businesses can secure space in an upcoming Scouting Trail newsletter, have a listing in our council E-News, or have an advertisement in our printed council calendar.


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