Webelos Woods

We will be holding this event while closely monitoring the current COVID-19 guidelines.


The Event Staff in conjunction with the Order of the Arrow as the Event Sponsor have a one-day adventure awaiting all of our young travelers at Webelos Woods.

This event is open to WEBELOS, ARROW of LIGHT and BEAR Scouts

The event is being created to allow for more of a Decision-Based Adventure versus having the normal "stations". We will be folding plenty of Scouting Skills throughout the Adventure.

To be clear, this is not a LIVE ACTION ROLE-PLAYING EVENT (with actual Sword Swinging and Casting of "Spells"), but will be a fun roll of the dice for all who choose to take the Adventure.

Be sure to register now and plan to attend Wizards and Warriors 2021 (A Webelos Woods adventure). WW2021 is a fun for both youth and adults! This is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your Scout while participating in a DAY full of outdoor activities.

This is a RAIN or SHINE event. You do not need to arrive by 10AM but we recommend arriving by 1PM to make it to all of the stations.

Adventure Groups (Cohort)

You will be put in a group of adventurers (cohort). This group will be created as you approach the check-in line. We will count off and you will be put in the same group. (If you want to be in the same co-hort with your den – you will need to wait until everyone is there and then walk up to CHECK-IN together. Please do not leave the parking lots to come up to CHEC-IN until you are all together and ready to go. This group is who you will travel around to the stations. You will start at one station and go in order. This way you are not coming in contact with all of the other attendees.

Event Costs

Early Adventurer Discount for Online Registrations

  • Youth: $10.00 each
  • Adults: $0 each 
  • Early-Adventurer Discount ends on April 30, 2021

Standard Registrations

  • Youth: $15.00 each
  • Online registration will close on May 20, 2021

Walk-in Fee:

  • No WALK-INS due to the COVID-19 requirements can be permitted.

NOTE: Each advance registration includes a special Webelos Woods event-patch and a set of materials for the Adventure. Event patches will ordered and provided to your Pack after the event.

Event Registrations

  • Check-In: Opens at 10 AM
  • Event Opens at 10 AM and all stations will close at 4 PM
  • Please bring lunch with you as there will be no food service available except for snacks/drinks at our Camp Trading Post
  • All groups will need to attend the stations in the order listed. You will be given a map and station order on arrival.
  • Please arrive/check-in as the group you want to go out into our "town" in - with a limit of about 8 per group plus adults.