BSA Lifeguard Certification Course


Jun 23, 2018 to Jun 24, 2018



Quail Hill Scout Reservation
56 LaValley Drive
Manalapan, NJ 07726
Location Phone: 732-446-6521


File Name Description
Adult Basic Backpacking 2017 Download
BALOO - Course Syllabus Download
BALOO - Current Course Flyer Download
BB & Archery - Course Manual.pdf Download
BB & Archery - Spring Course Download
Commissioners - Handbook.pdf Download
CPST - Attendance Sheet Download
CPST - Course Assessment Download
CPST - Cubmaster Position-Specific Training Syllabus 511-503_WB Download
CPST - Cubmasters Key Download
CPST - Fiscal Policies and Procedures Download
CPST - Pack Meeting Tips Download
CPST - Scouters Training Award Download
CSLPST - Agenda-Comprehensive-1-Evening-Template Download
CSLPST - Attendance-Form-Template.xlsx Download
CSLPST - Comprehensive-1-Evening-1-Intro (pptx) Last Updated 08/27/17 Download
CSLPST - Comprehensive-1-Evening-2-CM-CA (pptx) Last Updated 11/09/15 Download
CSLPST - Comprehensive-1-Evening-3-DL-DA- (pptx) Updated 11/09/15 Download
CSLPST - Comprehensive-1-Evening-4-CC-MC (pptx) Last Updated 11/23/15 Download
CSLPST - Comprehensive-1-Evening-5-Conclusion (pptx) Last Updated 08/27/17 Download
CSLPST - Eval-Forms-CSLPST-Participant.docx Download
CSLPST - Eval-Forms-CSLPST-Staff.docx Download
CSLPST - Flyer-Template.docx Download
CSLPST - Notes-Comprehensive-1-Evening-CSLPST-1-Intro (pdf) Last Updated 08/24/17 Download
CSLPST - Notes-Comprehensive-1-Evening-CSLPST-2-CM-CA (pdf) Last Updated 11/09/15 Download
CSLPST - Notes-Comprehensive-1-Evening-CSLPST-3-DL-DA (pdf) Last Updated 11/09/15 Download
CSLPST - Notes-Comprehensive-1-Evening-CSLPST-4-CC-MC (pdf) Last Updated 11/23/15 Download
CSLPST - Notes-Comprehensive-1-Evening-CSLPST-5-Conclusion (pdf) Last Updated 08/27/17 Download
CSLPST - Presentation-Guidelines-Comprehensive-1-Evening (pdf) Last Updated 11/23/15 Download
CSLPST - Rating Eval Calculator.xlsx Download
CSLPST Flyer 10162017 Download
Cub Scout Boot Camp Flyer Download
Cyberbullying Resources (FTC) Download
Den Chief Syllabus 2018 Version Download
Den Chief Training Flyer 2018 Flyer Download
DLPST - Age Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities.pdf Download
DLPST - Characteristics of Cub Scouts.pdf Download
DLPST - Course Assessment.pdf Download
DLPST - Den Annual Adventure Plan.pdf Download
DLPST - Den Leader Training Award Progress Record 511-052_WB.pdf Download
DLPST - Parent and Family Talent Survey Sheet 34362.pdf Download
DLPST - Scout Leader Uniform Inspect Sheet 34048.pdf Download
DLPST- Den Leader Position-Specific Training Course Syllabus.pdf Download
Fundamentals of Training - Course Syllabus 511-037WB.pdf Download
Fundamentals of Training - Flyer March 2017 Download
Fundamentals of Training - Powerpoint Good, Bad, and Ugly.ppt Download
Fundamentals of Training flyer.pdf Download
IOLS - Current Course Flyer Download
IOLS - Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Course Syllabus 33640_2016.pdf Download
MCBSA - Council Emergency Contact Card Updated 4/2018 Download
MCBSA - Course Directors Guide.pdf Download
MCBSA - Youth Leadership Continuum.pdf Download
NYLT Flyer -- Current Year 2018 NYLT Flyer Download
Outdoor Ethics Training - Current Flyer Nov 2018 Course Flyer Download
OWL April 2018 Flyer Download
OWLS - Outdoor Webelos Leader Skills Course Syllabus 511-336.pdf Download
Scoutbook Commish.pdf Download
SPST - Advancement Checklists.pdf Download
SPST - Age Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities.pdf Download
SPST - Aims of Scouting.pdf Download
SPST - Attendance Form.xls Download
SPST - Course Assessment.pdf Download
SPST - Course Flyer Mar 2017 Download
SPST - Instructor Version PPT Tool.ppt Download
SPST - Participant PPT Tool.ppt Download
SPST - Scoutmaster Conference.pdf Download
SPST - Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training Course Syllabus.pdf Download
SPST - Troop Meeting Plan.pdf Download
SPST - Troop Resource Survey.pdf Download
SPST Flyer 2019-0302 Download
SPST Flyer 2019-0928 Download
SPST Flyer 2019-1113 Download
Trained Leader Download
Trainer Edge Flyer 2018 Download
Trainer's EDGE - Course Syllabus 26-242.pdf Download
Venture Leaders Training Award 511-060_WB.pdf Download
WFA Flyer 2019 March Download
Position Name Telephone
Program Director Anthony Cullen (732) 851-8233 Email