Monmouth Council BSA CARES Initiative

Program Background:

Since our organization’s founding, the Scouting Program has always risen to the occasion to assist those in need. From collection of metal and planting of Victory Gardens during World War I; to U.S. Savings Bond drives during World War II; to “Get out to Vote” campaigns during the 1950s; performing Conservation projects in the 70s and 80’s; up through Scouting for Food now, Scouts thrive when provided an opportunity to help.

Program Overview:

The Monmouth Council, BSA has created a council-wide Service Project Program to assist our community during the COVID-19 Epidemic. There will be four Program specific projects representing items to help now, two months out, and three months out.

These projects will be centered around: Scouting for Food drives; providing meals to local heroes (Health Care, Police, Fire); starting and harvesting a Community Garden supporting local Food Pantries; and a service project for your Chartered Partner or a community group.

Remember:  At all times observe social distancing and all necessary safety practices.


Program Components

As we work together to stem the tide of COVID-19, many families are struggling. Demand for help from local food pantries is on the rise.

As Scouts, we know how fortunate we are to have a warm meal every night — whether around the campfire or at the kitchen table. And we know that not everyone is so lucky.

That’s the genesis of Scouting for Food, the annual food-collection drive run by our Council. It’s another reminder to our local communities that Scouts are here, doing good turns.

Together, we know how to execute Scouting for Food. It’s our Council’s signature service project each fall. Helping the hungry is what we do. Let’s work together, plant our collective flag in the ground, and spring into action. All of the food collected will be delivered to local food pantries for distribution within our Council area.

Scouting for Food Drive - Make a Donation to Local Food Pantry

Monmouth Council will donate all funds received through this payment form to support local food pantries in need.


Our community is our front-line workers: Police, Fire, EMS, Healthcare. Help show them our sincere appreciation for the countless hours of service they are dedicating to keep us all safe and well. Help raise funds to buy hot meals for our first responders and healthcare workers. To further support your community, buy these meals from local restaurants to help them out in their time of need. Meals will also go to all the heroes at the hospitals, including doctors, nurses, housekeeping, etc. Many of the staff cannot leave the floor once they are gowned up in PPE, so having a hot meal is a big help!

Meals for Heroes - Make a Donation

Monmouth Council will use the 100% of the funds collected to purchase food every Friday for local heroes. For every $5 donation, we can buy an additional meal.


Governor Murphy has issued a challenge to all NJ Scouts to plant gardens and donate the bounty to local food banks. Start a Scouting Victory Garden this month to help those in need! Help us meet this challenge and get back to our roots in the Garden State!


Perform a service project for a local community group or chartering organization. This can be your religious institution, fire company, first aid squad, police department, school, library, or other local community organization.



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