Ten Commandments Hike FAQ

What is the 10 Commandment Hike?

Scouting units and families will walk to houses of worship or host locations in the community. At each location, a member of the congregation will provide a brief history of their role in the community and a brief discussion of one of the 10 Commandments. It’s place in our lives, community, and Scouting. A mix of history and basic laws for living, which are timeless in value for any community.

When does the hike begin and end?

All registered groups will have a scheduled location to visit starting at 9AM.

Where does the hike start?

You will be assigned a starting location prior to the hike via email. We will be keeping units together in groups. If you want to be with certain groups, please let us know LadyThayne@verizon.net and we will do everything possible to keep friends together.

Where do we park?

Parking is available around your starting location. 

When does registration closed?

Registration will remain open through November 20, 2022, while space is available.  $5.00 per person registration fee includes patch.

Will walk-in registrations be accepted?

Patches can only be guarenteeed to those who preregister no later than 2 weeks prior. All participants must be preregistered to allow organizing into managable groups. 

Where do we go after our start location?

All registrants will be assigned an ordered schedule of locations to visit.

How long is the hike and what are the streets?

The hike is expected to take approx. 3 hours depending on the pace your group.  The length will be about 3 miles with 95% of the route is on sidewalks. The route will have crossings at crosswalks or traffic light intersections. All stations will close by 3PM.

Should we pack lunches and snacks?

You should pack lunches/snacks, a trash bag and water. Please be respectful of consuming any food and drinks while visiting locations.

What if your unit has Scouts and Scouters added after registration is complete?

Complete the online registration form for all attendees. 

Where do we pick up our patches and maps at the hike?

Patches will be available following the event through the Monmouth Council Service Center. Maps will be available online prior to the event and at the event.

Are any advancement requirements satisfied by the hike?


Cub Scouts-

Tigers Circles Duty to God

Wolf Duty to God Footsteps

Bear Fellowship and Duty to God

Webelos Duty to God and You

Arrow of Light Duty to God in Action

Scouts BSA-

"Duty to God"

Will there be other hikes like this in the future?

The 10 Commandment Hike is an annual event hosted by the Monmouth Council Religious Relationships Committee

Will there be other youth organizations joining us?

The event is open to all youth groups/organizations who register online. We welcome families to join in this hike as well. With sidewalks and access to toilets in several locations it can be a great family day to walk off that Thanksgiving feast.

What if it rains or snows?

Scout activities go on in all weather. Be prepared for the conditions that are normal in late November. If conditions are UNSAFE (Hurricanes, significant snowfall, etc.) the event will not proceed. In the event of a cancellation, all registered participants will receive an email to the address submitted with their event registration. Also check out Monmouth Council communication channels.

Are uniforms required?

Yes, Scouts and Scouters should be in a program field uniform appropriate for the weather conditions.

How can our town host a future hike?

If your town has 10 or more houses of worship within a 2.5-mile walking distance and your Troop is willing to help, please contact Thayne Tessenholtz.


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