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June 12, 2020

With Governor Murphy’s announcement                                         

I am happy to announce that our office will be open for business on Monday, June 15, 2020 at 9:00am


You will see many changes in our office to promote social distancing.

Some of the highlights include:

*Improving HVAC air flow through the entire 2nd floor

*Adding Ultraviolet air cleaners to HVAC System

*Adding a door buzzer system to limit outside access of guest coming into workspace unannounced

*Swapping manual toilet flushers and faucets to motion sensors

*Adding Motion Hand sanitizers in key employee areas on both the 1st and 2nd floors

*Adding Social Distancing signage throughout the building   

*Reducing seating capacity in conference rooms and break area by 50%


Please review the Stage progression, below.

The State is currently in Stage 2 and so is the Monmouth Council.

The State has announced that Stage 2 will begin on June 15th:

·        Units can meet, following the guidelines of the State, charter partner, and meeting location. When possible, outside meetings are recommended.

·        Camps will be open for day-only visitors in groups up until 25 people.

·        Stores will be open to no more than 5 customers at a time.

·        Visitors will be limited to fewer than 5 people at a time with prescheduled appointments. “No walk ins”.

  •   Staff will be required to take their temperatures prior to coming to work an maintain a daily temperature log, those with temperatures above 100.5 must remain and work from home.
  • Guests and Visitors will be required to arrange appointments via an online reservation system and have their temperature taken prior to admittance.
  • All visitors will log in to the council’s guest book.
  • All guests and staff must wear a face mask or cover in the common areas of the service center.


When the state announces Stage 3:

·        Most unit activities will be allowed with significant safeguarding.

·        Camps will be open for overnight camping, following safeguards.

·        Stores and offices will be open to visitors, following guidelines established by the State.


All Stages require following state-recommended safeguards and guidelines including:

·        Don’t feel well? Stay home.

·        Anyone with a temp of 100.5+ should remain home until fever free for 48 hours.

·        Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.

·        Store customers and office visitors are asked to wear masks.

·        Keep 6-feet of distance between yourself and others.

·        Visitors will not be permitted into office spaces. Visitors will be greeted in common spaces of Service Centers.

·        Restrooms converted to single use. Follow posted instructions to wipe faucets and door handles with disinfectant wipes or paper towels during use.

We are as eager to get to the "new normal" as you are and appreciate your continued compliance with the safety guidelines established to keep our Scouting family healthy during this challenging time.


Yours in Scouting,

Monmouth Council Team

May 15, 2020

For most Scouts, summer camp is the highlight of the Scouting year. With that in mind, key volunteers across several Monmouth Council Operating committees, along with the summer camp and council leadership teams, have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort monitoring updates and projections by several government, Scouting, and camping organizations from the local to national levels. The goal was to seek a path forward to be able to conduct our summer programs at both Quail Hill and Forestburg Scout Reservations in a manner that will keep our Scouts and leaders safe, maintaining our council’s unwavering commitment to the well-being of our members.

Regrettably, we have come to the difficult decision to cancel all in-person summer camp operations for 2020. This decision was not arrived lightly, but it is aligned with and supports the council’s ongoing commitment to the safety of our Scouts and leaders above all else. Knowing how important an outdoor experience is to our youth, we will continue to monitor state and local guidance with the hope of being able to offer small-group gatherings later in the summer.

Work has now begun on creating virtual summer experiences for our Cubs and Scouts BSA to keep them connected to friends and fellow Scouts. Be sure to visit within the next two weeks, for some exciting programs and virtual experiences presented by some of your favorite Camp staff! You will likely have many questions about this decision. We stand-ready to answer questions, a  full FAQ will be posted to . If you have questions in the mean-time - for program and/or  summer camp refunds, please contact  Margie Ramirez, For general questions about Monmouth Camping operations, feel free to contact our Scout Executive, Mike Mahon at or (732) 851-8219.

While this is not how any of us expected the summer of 2020 to go, the volunteers and staff of the Monmouth Council remain committed to providing programs to help you and your Scouts make the most of these unprecedented times. We remain hopeful that we will be able to provide small-group programs later in the summer as government guidelines allows, and we eagerly look ahead to the incredible line up of fall programs that are planned! Until then, please stay healthy and safe and we hope to see you soon along the virtual trail.



April 17, 2020

As of yesterday, the Governor of New Jersey has extended the Executive Order asking all of us to stay at home and continue to help flatten the curve. Due to the extension, all face-to-face meetings – units, districts, and council – remain suspended through May 15th.

Please note that Monmouth Council will continue to work from home and strive to keep all operations and Virtual Scouting moving forward remotely. We encourage all to participate in Virtual Scouting!

Be sure to stay connected and share all Council communicates with fellow Scouts and Scouters:

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for all you do on behalf of our youth!

Despite these challenging times, Scouting continues!



March 25, 2020


The Governor of New Jersey signed an Executive Order over the weekend asking all of us to stay at home.
All non-essential businesses closed physical locations to help with social distancing and flattening the curve. The continued goal is to attempt to blunt the rising number of cases and allow hospitals and health personnel to treat those who already have the virus.
If you or your family needs help, to learn more about symptoms, getting tested or anything related to COVID-19, please check out state resources here:

As for Monmouth Council:
All employees of Monmouth Council, BSA, are working from home and striving to keep the operation moving forward remotely.
We continue to communicate through three channels. Be sure to stay connected:

You can still contact all staff at 732-536-2347 or using their direct lines.
Despite these challenging times, Scouting continues!

  • As a reminder, all face-to-face meetings – units, districts, and council – remain suspended through April 15th. But the need for Scouting is more important than ever.
  • Have you seen all the available content for you and your unit? Our team is working hard to keep Scouting alive and active for your family and unit. Please check out Monmouth Council’s Virtual Scouting page:

As young people and their families spend time at home, it is essential the program continues to be delivered. The council requests all meetings continue remotely. Monmouth Council has purchased Zoom licensing for Unit and District use. Please find the sign-up instructions at  
The BSA is the leader in teaching young people to “do their best” and “be prepared.” For 110-years, our organization has risen to the occasion during times of crisis.
Let’s use this challenging time to rise to the occasion, help stem the tide and continue to deliver Scouting the best way we can.
Please share this communication with others who may not be receiving it.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for all you do on behalf of our youth!


March 20, 2020

After much discussion by Monmouth Council’s Executive Committee, it has been decided that all in-person Council and District events, activities, and meetings between Friday, March 20th and April 1, 2020 be postponed or cancelled including the complete closure of the Council Service Center. MCBSA has made arrangements so no business interruption will occur. You can still reach out to our staff through our main number (732) 536-2347 as well as to call direct extensions. This decision has been made out of an abundance of caution and concern for the health of our Scouts, Scouters, and their families. 
Further, MCBSA strongly suggests that individual Scout units follow this policy. The final decision on continued unit activities will be the responsibility of the unit committee in consultation with their chartered organization and, in some cases, their meeting facilities until such time as new guidance is issued.
Monmouth Council will re-evaluate if it is necessary to further close our Scouting activities and Service Center on April 1st. We appreciate your understanding during this trying time and wish all of you healthy and safety. Below are some resources for your to continue your Scouting adventure virtually until in person meetings resume.