Cubtoberfest FAQ

Welcome to the Leader's Guide for Cubtoberfest .  We hope you take a few minutes and read this document thoroughly.  We hope it will answer all your questions.  If not, please email Wendy Weiss, Event Chair


Cubtoberfest will be held rain or shine.  NO inclement weather day.  Be prepared with the proper clothing and footwear.  Review the Hazardous Weather on-line training.   In the case of severe weather, thunder and lightning, we will have some buildings open to accommodate everyone.  You can sit in your car during this inclement weather too.

There are NO refunds.

The code of conduct for the weekend is the Scout Oath and Law.  We want this weekend to be fun for everyone.  If everyone follows these principles, the weekend will run smoothly and everyone will have a chance to participate in all of the activities.  So come out and join us for a weekend of great fun!! We look forward to seeing you all at Cubtoberfest.

From the Cubtoberfest's webpage, there is a Parking Pass.  It is a half sheet of paper, please print this Parking Pass and PRINT the info needed on it, and put it on your dashboard upon entering Quail Hill.  This way if you are blocking another car for example, or some other emergency the camp staff can contact you.  If you forget this pass, the Greeter at the main gate will have one for you to fill out.

When you arrive, our Staff will direct you where to park.   PLEASE carpool.  Cubtoberfest is a large event and we do run out of parking spaces.  ALSO, please park as close as possible to the car next to you (in between the white lines painted on the ground) This will allow more cars to park.  We appreciate your assistance very much.  They will also direct you to the best parking lot.  Day visitors will park in different lots than campers. 

After you park, please go immediately to a Check-in table, there will be 2, One near Lawrence Lodge and One near Lass Lodge.  You will be given your tyvek wristband (this will allow your scouts/siblings to participate in the event and will be checked at the stations, i.e. BB, Archery, etc.)  You will be given your camping area assignment, if you are camping.

You can set up your campsite any time after you check-in.  We have a FEW grey wheelbarrows for your use.  We ask that you return it promptly when you are done with it so someone else may use it.  You can bring a wagon or hand truck or just have cubs move your gear.
Do not dig any trenches or ditches around or near your tent.  Please use the tent stakes that came with the tent.
Every unit is entitled to ONE (1) half barrel frame, ONE (1) half barrel and TWO (2) water buckets for your fire.  These are located behind Lawrence Lodge on a trailer.
Water spigots to fill your 2 water buckets are on the front of Lawrence Lodge, either side of the main steps and a spigot on the opposite side of the field near Webelos lodge. 
DO NOT take all the wood from the truck.  Take some and come back for more.  This wood will last a few hours of burn time.  We will refill the truck as needed throughout the weekend.  

NO grates are included with the half barrel.  You can bring your own, if you would like to cook on it.

A Scout is reverent.  We will have a service at the Chapel at Quail Hill.  Time to be noted on the schedule.  We are looking for pack(s) to put together a service of all faiths.  OR if you can do just a section that would be great, we will combine all the sections and have our service.  Please consider this an important part of the Cubtoberfest experience.  Please email Wendy Weiss if you are interested.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Due to this being a BSA Family Camping Activity, each Cub Scout Pack will be assigned one or more camping areas, based on the number of people from the pack in attendance.  In the event of an emergency, emergency personnel and event organizers will be able to find people quicker if assigned camp site locations are kept.  In the event that a camp site change needs to be made, it can only be changed by the event chairperson.  This is a BSA Family Camping Activity which means all families and packs must follow all guidelines of the Guide to Safe Scouting and BSA Youth Protection Policies. Please review the Family Camping Section of the Guide to Safe Scouting and complete BSA Youth Protection Training in preparation of this event. You will be assigned your camping area upon arrival at check-in.

Please do not cut through another unit's campsite.  This is not courteous or kind, and respecting boundaries of campsite is an important part of camping etiquette.  There are clearly marked walkways.  Please be considerate.

At check in we will have a map and schedule for you.  This will give you the overview of the weekend's activities.

Between Lawrence Lodge and Webelos Lodge are flushable toilets.  We will have port o johns located near the camping area too, please check the map for placement of them. Please keep them clean.  Check with your scouts after they have used them.  We all need to use the facilities and need to keep them in good working order for all.

Lass Lodge has one (1) flushable toilet for use during the day.  There will be port o johns in the station area also for everyone's use.

If during Cubtoberfest, you need medical attention, the Campmaster / First Aid Station is located at Lass Lodge.

Lawrence Lodge will be headquarters for Cubtoberfest. If you have any questions, please stop by Lawrence Lodge.  There should be someone there at all times.

The trading post is located in Lass Lodge.  It sells camping gear, in case you forgot a flashlight, etc.  They have slushies, snacks, candy, water, etc.  They will be open during the day, so stop in and check it out.

All adult smokers are encouraged to refrain from smoking around any youth during Cubtoberfest.  There is not a “Smoking Area” at Quail Hill.

Please use Leave No Trace Principles while at Quail Hill.  Please review these guidelines in your Cub Scout Handbook.  The dumpsters at Quail Hill are located in the Parking Lot closest to the activity/camping field, there are two small dumpsters, one for garbage, one for single stream recycling, do not put caps/lids back on your recyclables-this will allow us to crush them. Please separate these items accordingly and be sure they are placed in the correct dumpster.  Be prepared with heavy duty trash bags to remove your trash from your campsite.

Food is ultimately the responsibility of each family.  However, if a Cub Scout Pack prefers to work together on a menu for the weekend, that is acceptable.  For those packs that choose this, please check for food allergies and preferences.  Proper food preparations, sanitation and general campsite cleanliness must be observed.  For example, for food preparations, be extra cautious about the possibility of cross contamination of meat, poultry and vegetables. When cleaning up after meals, please wash dishes using the 3 basin method which uses a hot soapy water basin with bio-degradable soap, a hot rinse water basin and a 3rd basin with cold water and sanitizer.  If you are not sure about these or other food preparation procedures, please review the USDA Website on Food Safety or download the Kitchen Companion Guide at 

If you have not taken Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO), a very helpful resource is the Boy Scout Handbook Chapter 10-Cooking, check it out under Table of Contents at 

Alcohol, fireworks, firearms, and non-medically prescribed drugs are strictly prohibited at Cubtoberfest.

It is the policy of the Boy Scouts of America and Monmouth Council, BSA that NO drugs or alcoholic beverages are brought into or consumed on council camps or in any BSA activity.  In the event that any parent, leader or youth is found with drugs or alcoholic beverages, they will be asked to leave immediately.  In the event that an individual appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will be immediately removed from the property and/or the police contacted.  

DO NOT BRING ALCOHOL. Event Staff will roam the Camp looking for anyone who may possess or be under the influence of alcohol.  Anyone possessing or under the influence of alcohol will be immediately removed from the property and/or the police contacted.  Save it for another time.

at 11 pm – that means all fires are extinguished, all talking is done, noise is at a minimum.  Think of your neighbors, they are close.  Our campsites are right next to each other. It is the Scout Law to be  courteous, kind, and obedient, so if you are talking around your fire into the early am, you are not following the Scout Law. This is not an event where your unit is the only one camping, your neighbors are close to you and noise travels across the camping field, please do not disturb your neighbor.  Please set the example for our cubs.  You are here to enjoy the family time together.

We will have 5 gallon drink coolers throughout the station areas during the Saturday activities.  Please bring a reusable drink container (label it) to use during the weekend.  Cups WILL NOT be provided.  We will refill the 5 gallon coolers during Saturday as necessary.  Stay hydrated.

Things to bring:

  • Your own food for all day Saturday and Sunday morning (hot cup),
  • extra drinks / water bottle,
  • snacks (if you need them, FYI the Trading Post will be open)
  • Tent, tarp, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, chair, dining fly/canopy, small table, flashlight / lantern, glow in the dark items, ie Frisbees, balls, etc. Camp cutlery,
  • Raingear or Poncho (just in case!), hat,
  • 2 two liter soda bottles for Soda Bottle Rockets (extras will help),
  • a wagon or wheeled cart which will save some leg work carrying gear to and from the camping area ,
  • Fishing gear (Poles, Worms, and tackle boxes).
  • Extra set of clothes in case you get wet.
  • Insect Repellent, Sunscreen,
  • PJ's and Toiletry Kit,
  • Class A Uniform for Tiger Cub Induction Ceremony.


  • To prepare for check out, your half barrel goes back on the trailer behind Lawrence lodge, neatly stacked, along with the frame and water buckets. 
  • All the ash from the half barrel goes in the grey ASH cans that are located near the trailer. 
  • Pieces of wood that did not burn completely are re-stacked on the truck with the wood. 
  • Any unused pieces of wood are returned to the truck.
  • Carefully police your campsite to be sure all garbage and litter are picked up as well and wood or sticks, tent stakes and anything that might be a problem for a lawnmower. 
  • Your garbage and recycling go in the proper dumpster in the parking lot behind the flag pole, between P1 & P2 parking lots (or you can take home the garbage and recycling).  The grey wheelbarrows are returned to behind Lawrence Lodge.
The Checkout procedure will start at 8:30 am and the deadline to complete checkout is 11:00am. 
  • Please line up on the back deck of Lawrence Lodge after everything is out of your camping area.  The staff will inspect your camping area with you.  We will walk back and forth and thoroughly check your camping area – we check for sticks, rocks, tent poles, garbage, etc. and will point out anything left that you will need to pick up. 
  • If it is all clear, we will give you your ziploc bag of the event patches.  (Only those that pre-registered will definitely receive their patch at this time – walk-ins, if we do not have enough patches to give Sunday AM,  will receive their patch in the unit's mailbag at the Council office. If you pre-registered about a week before the event, we may not have enough patches either.   If we need to re-order the patch, this takes 4 weeks.  )

NO pets are allowed at Quail Hill Scout Reservation.

Yes, we need volunteers during the event most stations need assistance.  Please lend a hand sometime during the event.  Please email Wendy Weiss at before the event so we can work something out.  Thank you, we greatly appreciate it.  We would appreciate 2 adults per unit to volunteer.  2 adults can volunteer in the AM and 2 different adults can volunteer in the afternoon.  

Upon check out we will have a sheet for your comments.  The staff works hard all year to bring a great program to you.  We appreciate your feedback.  We are always looking for improvements for next year.

They are not allowed at Cubtoberfest



What uniform do we wear for the event?
 All cub scouts / adults need to dress for the weather.  Wear sneakers or boots-NO open toed shoes, rain gear if applicable, etc.  Make sure you label everything.  Class B is the uniform for the weekend.  If you are attending the All Faith's Service, you can wear your Class A.

Are dogs allowed for the day at Quail Hill?
No pets are allowed at Quail Hill.  

Do I pay a reduced fee for not camping?
No, the fee is the fee, even if you are there for a few hours or the whole time.

Can I attend after / before my child's ball game?
 Yes, you can come after your child's game or come and leave for your son's game.  We won't promise the best parking spot!! 

What food is included in the cost?
No food is included in this fee.  You need to bring all your food, snacks and drinks for Saturday and Sunday morning.  The Trading Post and Concession Stand will be open.  Trading Post sells drinks, snacks, popcorn, and candy and many other scouting related items.  Concession Stand only open on Saturday from 12pm to 3pm (or while the food lasts)

When will I receive my camping area?
Upon check in Saturday morning, you will be directed to an area on the main activity field.  All scouts and their families will camp together on the main activity field.  The size of the camping area depends on the number of campers in your pack.  

If I am the only one from my pack, where will I camp?
We will have a marked area on the field, that many “singles” will camp in.  You will be able to help each other and enjoy the experience.

What are the stations at Cubtoberfest?  
We will have all the items you need to complete the stations, Please check the event flyer or schedule for updated stations list.

Are siblings / friends allowed to attend?
YES, same fee as the scouts. All siblings are also invited to Family Camp and Water Carnival too. Bring the whole family.

How do we make a campfire on the main activity field?
We will have available for you - one half barrel, 1 half barrel frame, 2 fire buckets, and cut wood. You will need a lighter and fire starter/kindling. NO fires are made on the ground. We will have water available for the fire buckets. All items in the half barrel must be put in the ASH aluminum cans at the end of the weekend. These will be located in the same area as the pick up area where you will be returning the frame, fire buckets and half barrel. ALL unburned wood goes back on the firewood trailer. Any large burned pieces of wood goes back on the firewood trailer. When you extinguish your fire, there will be water in the half barrel along with the ash, please dump all this in the ASH barrels located behind Lawrence Lodge (where you found these supplies). NO ONE is to dump their ash water in or around the activity / camping field.

How do I cook?  
You can use the wood in your campfire to cook your meals. You can use charcoal in your half barrel. Bring your own cooking grate to go over the half barrel. You can use propane tanks for a camp stove. All must be in accordance with the Guide to Safe Scouting.

How do I transport all my gear to the camping area?
We suggest bringing and using a wagon, hand truck, etc.  We suggest you bring a day pack (backpack) for all your day's items.

Do we recycle at Quail Hill Scout Reservation?  
You will need to keep your garbage separate from your recyclables. There are dumpsters at Quail marked garbage and recyclables.  Please do not put the lids on the recyclables.  When you do put the lids on, we cannot crush them in the dumpster.  We appreciate your cooperation immensely.

Will there be a Council Wide Saturday night campfire?
No, your pack can plan your own one in your campsite.

What are the registration fees?
Please refer to the flyer.   All registrations are done online.  Adults are FREE.  

At what age can a scout / sibling / friend shoot BB & Archery?
You must be age 5 and above to be able to shoot.

Can the scout camp with another adult?
We follow the guidelines in the Guide to Safe Scouting.  No adult is to be alone with another scout.  We follow the 2 deep leadership in BSA. No youth can sleep in a tent with an adult except for their parent/legal guardian. 

Can I bring a game that the entire pack or other families can play?
Yes, you can bring frisbees, wiffle balls & bat, ladder ball, corn hole, etc.  LABEL everything. We ask that these NOT be played in the camping area.  We don't want to break anyone's tent, etc. Please find an open area to play these pack / family games.  BSA, Monmouth Council, Quail Hill are not responsible for lost items.

Tips on Sleeping in the Cooler Weather:
Wear clean wool socks to bed.  DO NOT wear the socks that you wore all day, you sweated in them and it will make your feet colder during the night.  Same with your underwear and clothes.  Wear a wool hat or hoodie to bed, all your heat is escaping through your head as you sleep.  Cotton kills, wear fleece, polyester, etc. to bed.  Bring an extra blanket or 2 to put over your sleeping bag.  Make sure you have a blanket, etc. under your sleeping bag to keep the cold from the ground out.