Marshall W. Errickson Distinguished Eagle Award

This award was established in 1987 to honor local adult Eagle Scouts who have continued to exemplify the Scout ideals of duty to God, country, and self.

It is awarded each year to a local Eagle who has best exemplified the ideals of Scouting through distinguished community service, distinguished service to his profession, and continued active involvement in his community for at least 25 years since earning the Eagle Scout Award

Year Recipient Name
1987 Marshall E. Errickson
1989 Peter LaFrance, Esq.
1990 Dennis Gallagher
1991 Andrew Lennert
1992 Dr. Mitchell Gardiner
1993 Lawrence W. Roberts
1994 Kenneth H. Busz
1995 Gary Y. Kaplan
1996 William H. Pearce
1997 Sandford Brown
1998 Denis Longo
1999 Chris Hughes
2000 Thomas Ritchie
2001 Steven Buckley
2002 William Mayer
2003 Jan Wouters, Esq.
2005 Richard Goldman
2006 John Kosinski
2009 William Bishop
2010 David L. Tinker
2011 Timothy Knotts
2012 Thomas G. Bogart
2013 Kurt Kalafsky
2014 Brian J. Valentino
2015 Spencer Morasch
2016 Jacob S. Elkes
2017 Jeff Hipschman
2018 Michael Winchell
2019 John Kilduff
2020 Michael Marchetti, MD