Discover Forestburg

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Monmouth's Council’s Discover Forestburg is an action-packed Webelos camping experience that allows your Scouts to experience the outdoors and get a glimpse of what Scouts BSA Resident Camp is like. Webelos participate in exciting activities and work on some of their Webelos/AOL Adventures. Each scout stays in our Scouts-BSA Camp Tents complete with cots. They enjoy delicious meals in our dining hall and participate in a quality program. Your scout will be part of a den during their stay at FSR, where the entire den works on the same activities.

Webelos Dens are invited to attend a 4-day 3-night experience from Sunday through Wednesday. This is a perfect opportunity for those Scouts entering the 4th and 5th grades to enjoy a sleep-over camp experience at FSR as they transition into Webelos/AOL and prepare to enter a Scouts BSA Troop. Webelos experience swimming, fishing, boating, BBs, archery, crafts, stargazing, hiking, stem, and more. Webelos work-on Aquanaut, Into the Wild, Int the Wood, Art Explosion, and Adventures in Science.

This is a one-on-one camping experience for Webelos/parents or guardians. A single parent or guardian may accompany two Webelos siblings.  

What to Wear and bring to Camp:

Backpack or Duffel Bag Your Uniform Shirt Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Sleeping Bag and Pillow Shorts and Long Pants Comb / Brush
Camping Pad (optional) Underwear Soap
Canteen or Water Bottle Socks Towels
Compass Sneakers / Boots Sunscreen
Laundry Bag and 1 Plastic Garbage Bag Sweatshirt or Light Jacket Mosquito Repellent (no aerosol)
Flashlight with Batteries Rain Jacket or Poncho Notebook & pencil
Watch Bathing Suit Wallet & Money
Hat Copy of your Medical Form 12ft of String

BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (Medical Form)

  • Every camper needs a copy of their own AHMR (Medical) Form Parts A, B, and C to attend our camp. The forms can be found online here:

BSA Medication Policy

  • BSA Medication Policy

    Per BSA National Standards, all prescription medications (including those needing refrigeration) are to be kept in locked storage and compliance with local and state laws. All medications must be in the original container and should be placed into a plastic bag with your Name, Unit#, and Campsite printed on the bag.
    Each prescription medication needs to be accompanied by the Camp’s prescription medication form to meet local laws.

    You will turn these medications in at medical check-in to the camp’s medical staff. Scouts may not self-medicate without the direct approval of the medical staff. Parents are cautioned against using a BSA event as a “drug holiday” by suspending the administration of medications taken regularly by their youth members unless there are specific instructions from a healthcare provider. Medications that may be needed for an emergency or on an urgent basis (inhalers, epinephrine) may be carried by the youth participant.

    Note: Over-the-counter medications cannot be stored or administered by FSR staff.

  • Discover Forestburg: Webelos Resident Camp
    August 04, 2024 to August 07

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