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Forestburg Scout Reservation is located in New York State between Port Jervis and Monticello.  It offers over 1200 acres of woodlands, streams, trails and a lake for swimming and boating.  Try the zip line or the monkey bridge to get across the lake.  Visit our tech center to get your new neckerchief slide from the 3D-printer or put the finishing touches on your robot.  Enjoy your meals at our dining hall or have your patrol cook your meals at our Dan Beard camp. And don't forget to visit our 90 foot cascading waterfall, Darlington Falls. 

Start planning your troop's summer camp program. Whether it's the buckskin camper program for first year scouts, the traditional merit badge program or a week of high adventure in our outback program FSR can meet the needs of Scouts of all ages.  Our extensive Merit Badge offerings, activities and opportunities are designed to support the scout's growth as well to help in building a troop's enthusiasm.  Forestburg is a BSA NCAP Accredited camp and is certified by New York State.  It is one of the top 3 BSA camps in the Catskill Region.

Summer Camp Programs

Our Summer Camp Programs have been carefully developed to enhance the year-round program. This summer camp programs provides for valuable opportunities for skill instruction, advancement and most of all FUN for everyone.  We have programs for Scouts of all ages and experience. 

Our Buckskin camper program is for our first year Scouts.  It is an all day program that combines two merit badges and classes for rank advancement.  The regular Merit Badge program has over 50 choices ranging from the traditional summer camp waterfront and environmental badges to robotics, programming, and chemistry at our tech center.  For more experienced Scouts we offer our High Adventure Outback program.  It includes climbing, a canoe trip on the Delaware river, horseback riding, mountain biking and water skiing.

Other program options include a provisional Scout program where a Scout can attend camp without their troop.  They will become part of a troop that is in camp.  They will be provided the Scoutmaster's contact information before camp.  Use the link on this page to sign up.  

If your troop has a special program in mind please contact us.  Activities such as overnights at our outposts, canoe trips, backpacking trips and special meals are all possible.

Full details on all of our programs can be found in the Summer Camp Leader's Guide.  The 2023 version will be available soon.

Dates for 2023:

Week 1:  7/9 - 7/15

Week 2: 7/16 - 7/22

Week 3: 7/23 - 7/29

Week 4: 7/30 - 8/5

Week 5: 8/6 - 8/12

Early Bird Special Camp fees (paid No later then  5/15/23):

High Adventure (youth and adult)  $475

Normal youth program        $475

Adults                                  $140

Day-Camper program         $300

Weekend meal fee              $70

Summer Camp Reservation Links

Click here to Sign Up for FSR Summer Camp

FSR Summer Camp Unit Sign-Up & Unit Payment FAQ

Program Areas

Forestburg has seven main areas for summer camp; Waterfront, Environmental Conservation, Handicraft, Scoutcraft, Shooting Sports, the Tech Center, and High Adventure.  Each area is responsible for a set of Merit Badges and activities for open times and evenings.  


 Burnt Hope Lake is the center of all waterfront activities.  In addition to the Swimming and Lifesaving Merit Badges we offer BSA guard certification and for those who need it instructional swim.  Watercraft include row boats, canoes, sailboats, kayaks and stand up paddle  boards.  Special activities include the beloved polar bear swim as well as the mile swim.  The swimming area has a number of large water toys for fun.  Troops can also arrange for troop swims or troop boating events in the afternoon or evening.

Environmental Conservation

The E. Con. area provides a wide variety of Merit Badges from Environmental Science, Plant Study Fishing, to Oceanography.  Special activities include fishing competitions, swamp stomp, and nature hikes.  One evening there is a special presentation on raptors or reptiles. Make sure to stop by the E. Con. area to see the latest collection of snakes, newts, and salamanders.


Handicraft is home to our creative Merit Badges; Art, Wood Carving, Photography, Sculpture and Basketry.  All kits are provided by camp based on Merit Badge signups.  Scouts can stop by the Handicraft lodge during open times and evenings to work on their projects.  There are weekly awards for the best projects in each category.

High Adventure

Our High Adventure is composed of two separate programs intended to offer the older Scout the opportunity to try new skills or put to test the skills they already possess, The Summit Program offers a chance to earn the Climbing or Geo-caching merit badge or to participate in Mountain biking during the morning program. The Outback Program is for more experienced Scouts and offers climbing, a canoe trip on the Delaware river, horseback riding, mountain biking and water skiing.


This is where Scouts go to learn skills.  The Frontier Camp Program provides classes that cover the requirements for each rank.  Scouts can sign up to work on any rank.  Merit Badges include Camping, Orienteering and Pioneering.  Stop by the Sterner Hike Center and try the latest treat from the Dutch Oven cooking class.  While you are there see how many knots you can tie.

Shooting Sports

Always popular with Scouts Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting and Archery are available as per the camp schedule. Scouts must be at least 12 years old for rifle shooting and at least 14 years old for shotgun shooting. BB guns are available for those Scouts under the age of 12. A Scoutmaster shoot will also be offered to see who the best shot in camp is. No experience necessary,  just a sense of humor and a positive attitude. Tomahawk Throwing and Air Pistol is also offered during the week.  The rifle range is enclosed and has lights for evening shooting.  

Tech Center

The Tech Center is very well equipped with everything from oscilloscopes, computers, ham radios to a 3D printer and robot kits.  A wide range of Merit Badges from electricity, electronics to programing, robotics and chemistry are offered.  Space exploration has a mass rocket launch on Fridays.  Ham radio license classes and testing are offered during the week.  Scouts are welcome to stop by during open hours and evenings to try out the equipment.

Adult Program

Adults can join the Scouts in using the waterfront and shooting ranges during adult only times. They also can sign up for multiple training classes including Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills and BSA Lifeguard. Signups are done using Tentaroo as is done for merit badges. WiFi is available in all camp buildings for adults.


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