Friend of Eagle Award

The Friend of Eagle Award was created in Monmouth Council in 1998.


This award is given to an individual that has not received Scouting’s highest youth award, Eagle Scout. The recipient of this award is a person that has lived up to the ideals and spirit of an Eagle Scout.


Friend of Eagle Award Recipients

Year Recipient Name
1998 J. Fred Billet
1999 John Cavanaugh
2000 Alice Quakenbush
2001 William Sweetnam
2002 Edwina Howell
2003 Herb Wirth
2005 William Quakenbush
2009 Denis Coffey
2010 Sandy Matthew Reisig
2011 Robert Smith Jr
2012 Frank Davidson
2013 Thayne Tessenholtz
2014 Stephen Smith
2015 Ed Semple
2016 John T. Bruns
2017 Thomas Tighe
2018 Sue Renshaw
2019 William Lindgren
2020 Angela Emer
2021 Stephen Mellinger
2022 Don Antenucci