FSR Summer Camp Adult Activities

At Forestburg adults can enjoy many activities and meet their training needs.


Adults can join their scouts and participate in the mile swim or enjoy a refreshing polar bear swim or challenge themselves on the monkey bridge.  At the rifle range they can test their skills at the Scoutmaster shoot.  They can enjoy boating and fishing during the Adult open boating times.  Adults also can try the zip line during adult only times.  Adults can also get their Ham Radio No-Code Technician FCC License if they can pass the test, classes are Monday through Thursday.

Adults can also participate in the high adventure outback program.


There are three types of adult training available at Forestburg; full week, presentations, and on-line.

The full week training programs include Introduction to Outdoor Leadership skills and BSA Lifeguard. Please see the Leader’s Guide for more details.

The following training classes will be presented during the week.  Please sign up for them in advance using tentaroo.  The procedure is the same as for merit badges.

  • Swimming and Water Rescue Certification (Aquatics Supervision manual is required to be purchased prior to arrival at camp). 
  • Paddle Craft Safety Certification (Aquatics Supervision manual is required to be purchased prior to arrival at camp).
  • CPR & First Aid - In coordination with our Council’s Health and Safety Committee, the Camp Staff plans on offering both an adult CPR class and an Adult First Aid Course each week at camp.  CPR will be on Tuesday afternoon with a cost of $20 per person for materials.  The First Aid course will also have a minimal materials fee as well.  Please inquire early if you are interested in either course so we can arrange proper training personnel.
  • Leave No Trace

Adults Only Online Courses: Wi-Fi is available in camp to access on-line training.  If you didn’t bring a device, computers will be available for Scouters to take any of the current online courses offered on My.Scouting including: 

  • Youth Protection Training
  • Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training
  • Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training
  • Venturing Advisor Position-Specific Training
  • Hazardous Weather
  • Climb on Safely
  • Trek Safely
  • Safe Swim Defense