FSR Summer Camp Merit Badge Prereq

A complete list of the Merit Badge Pre-Requisites can be found below.

2024 Pre-Reqs FSR

Additional Notes about Merit Badge Pre-Requisites

Note 1: An introduction to CPR will be offered at camp to meet the Lifesaving and Small Boat Sailing merit badge requirements, but we recommend getting the training at home before camp if possible.

Note 2: For any badge where you are doing some requirements at home before camp, you must bring the completed work with you to camp to show to the counselor. For the nature badges where you are keeping a terrarium, aquarium, or growing plants, you should take photographs and write the date on the back of each. If the requirement is to visit a place or person, bring a note from your parent or Scout leader. Anything under the “pre-camp reqt’s” column MUST be completed prior to arriving at camp and MUST be shown to the counselor at camp in order to complete the badge at camp.

Note 3: Additional costs for merit badge kits for will be automatically charged to your unit when you sign the Scout up for the merit badge. Late sign ups may purchase during camp at the Trading Post.

Note 4: Pre-camp requirements listed above must be completed before camp in order for the scout to have the opportunity to complete the badge at camp.

Forestburg reserves the right to cancel or alter any of these classes without notice due to lack of participation or availability of staff.