FSR Summer Camp Registration FAQ

How Do I Register for Summer Camp?

Please note: Prices below Do Not reflect current pricing as all images are for illustrative purposes only. All pricing listed within the Leaders Guide and in Tentaroo is the current pricing.

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You will need a Computer or similar device running Flash to register for this event.


Account Creation

The Event Registration and Class Registrations are done through Tentaroo.  You would need to log into your UNIT's Tentaroo Account.

1.  To log in, you can click on the Red Button at the Bottom of this page or Click the Login on the top of the page.  

2. If you Unit is NEW to Tentaroo and Monmouth Council, please CALL the Council Service Center for assistance.



You will need to update your Account Profile to expedite the Registration Process

1. Click on MANAGE MY GROUP on the top right of the Screen.


2. This will load your current profile or individuals registered to your account.


3. Click on the + sign to add each YOUTH and ADULT to your account, one at a time. Scroll down to Complete to save the entry.



If already have a Tentaroo Account, please click on FSR Summer Camp on the left hand side of the main screen.

Forestburg Scout Reservation Summer Camp

If already have a Tentaroo Account, log into your Tentaroo Account.

On the Left of the Home Page, click on EVENTS. All activities within Tentaroo are called events.

Click on the event Forestburg Scout Reservation Summer Camp found in the list of current events.

This will load the main EVENT page. Click on the Forestburg Scout Reservation Summer Camp.

Click on the week that you are interested in. 

This will load the main EVENT DESCRIPTION page. Click on the REGISTER FOR EVENT button to continue.

Fill in the Spots for Youth & Adults. If you are just signing up, we only need the number at the initial signup.

Click NEXT to Continue. You can now request up to Three Campsites choices. If you have already sent us a Campsite Reservation form, please choose that site as your first choice. Click NEXT to Continue.

Click COMPLETE to move to the Check-Out screen. The minimum amount due today is on-screen to hold a campsite for your Unit.

Click the Checkout Button to make your payment and complete your reservation.

Following your payment, you will get an email confirmation for the event from our staff.



Choose Merit Badge Classes for Summer Camp

To give everyone an equal opportunity for the classes and programs we offer, all of the scheduling is done online the morning following the FSR Kickoff Meeting.   As you are looking at ADDING CLASSES, we want to take a minute to explain what all of the information you are looking at

Here is the example of 1 Class that may be available to take.

Key Points:

  • Class Name: Name of the Merit Badge
  • Class Time: This is the starting time of the Merit Badge.  Most of our classes are 1 hour long
  • Seats Available: This is how many seats are left.  Once the class fills to capacity, the class will offer a wait-list option.  We can not guarantee that a wailisted Scout will get into a class.  Our instrtuctors are all at max capacity for their courses where they can accomplish the material with Scouts in their class.  Please do not ask for any accomodations on addting +1 to a class.
  • Eagle Required Merit Badges : Scouts must be at least 11 years old at time of registration.  All other merit badges are open to all Scouts 10 years of age and up.




Change Classes After Signing Up

If you need to change / add / drop a class after you have made payment, please log back into your Tentaroo account. Click on EVENTS and then FORESTBURG SCOUT RESERVATION SUMMER CAMP.

Click on the Name of the Youth's Schedule you want to change.

Click on MANAGE REGISTRATION. Edit Registration will allow you to change/add classes. Cancel Registration will walk you through dropping from the event.

Click on NEXT twice to get to the Classes Screen.

To DROP a class, Click the REMOVE on the Added Classes on the right hand side. To ADD a class, folow the steps listed as part of the initial sign-up on how to add a class.

Click NEXT then COMPLETE when you are done making changes.

IMPORTANT You need to CHECKOUT to send us the requested changes. Please follow the CHECKOUT menus to complete. You will get an email confirmation once completed,



How to Make a Unit Payment for Summer Camp

If you need to make an additional payment, please log back into your Tentaroo account. You should see your Summer Camp Event on the Main Screen. If not click on EVENTS and then FORESTBURG SCOUT RESERVATION SUMMER CAMP.

Click on either Pay full amount or Pay other amount. If you choose Pay other amount, enter the amount you want to pay today.


Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where it says Payment Method

Please Select Payment Type.





Please enter your payment information. Click on the PLACE ORDER below the payment method section to send us your payment (order).