FSR Summer Camp Forms

Latest Information for Campers  

  • Daily Program Schedule - Check in February 2023
  • Billett Menu Weeks 2 and 4- Check in Spring of 2023
  • Dan Beard Menu- Check in Spring of 2023

Program Registration

The personal program form can be given to Scouts to select their merit badges and adults to select their training classes.  Scouts should review the merit badge prerequisites before they select their merit badges and then prior to their arrival to camp.  Information on the Buckskin camper program, and high adventure Outback program can be found in the Leader's guide.  For those signing up for the Outback program please complete the additional waivers.

  • You can find the Personal Program Form on pages 37 and 38 of the FSR Leader's Guide to the right.

FSR Campership Program

Monmouth Council wants all Scouts to be able to attend camp.  for scouts that might need small amounts of financial support camperships may be available.  Camperships are funded by donations to the council.  Please see the Leader's guide for more information.  The form can be found below.

Health and Medical Forms

Every Scout and Adults spending more than 72 hours in camp need a completed medical form. The immunization exemption request form if required is listed below.  All prescription medications are turned in to the nurse when you arrive at camp.  Please complete a prescription medication form for each medication.

Any camper with special dietary requirements or other needs should complete the special accommodation form as early as possible.  Monmouth Council strives to work with campers to meet their individual needs however this requires suitable notification.

Camp Awards

Forestburg Summer Camp likes to recognize those Scouts and adults who have demonstrated Scout spirit and achievement.  In addition to individual awards in the merit badge program there are a number of other awards:

Other Forms

Everyone attending camp who plans on using the waterfront must take the swim test. Troops will take the test during their camp tour when they arrive on Sunday.  Please bring the completed swim roster form to camp.  Tentaroo will produce the troop roster as a report but if additional forms are needed for last minute additions please use the form below.  

For Scouts taking the Climbing merit badge please complete the high adventure waiver form.