FSR Summer Camp at Dan Beard


Dan Beard Camp is eleven wooded campsites situated on the Southwest side of Burnt Hope Lake at Forestburg Scout Reservation. In this setting, Scouts and Scouters alike will truly experience the patrol method in action. Scouts cook their own meals and clean up after themselves. It is here that Scouts can really put their Scout skills to the test. Dan Beard campers take pride in doing it themselves. 

Scouts and Scouters will camp in typical Boy Scout canvas tents, which are set atop wooden platforms. These tents are provided and already set up. In each tent, there are two steel spring cots for your comfort. It is recommended that each camper bring some type of sleeping pad to place between the cot and his sleeping bag. Cot springs may puncture air mattresses. For this reason, they are not recommended. 

Each unit should supply and bring with them, all necessary equipment and supplies for cooking, cleaning and general camping needs. “Be Prepared.” Each patrol site will have in place a half barrel, griddle, picnic table, and dining fly. Each unit site has a water buffalo, which is utilized to heat wash water. If a unit forgets to bring something, some equipment is also available for loan on request at the Commissary in Rogosin Lodge. This equipment includes cook kits, utensil kits, wash basins, plates, personal eating utensils, shovels, axes, bow saws and Dutch ovens. This equipment is only intended to supplement Troop equipment, not replace it. We encourage each unit to bring their unit’s flag as well as a U.S. flag. 

All Forestburg summer camp program features are available to Dan Beard Campers. 

Map Letter Campsite Name Number of Cots Number of Patrol Sites
A Chickagami 40 cots 4 patrols
BSeneca50 cots5patrols
CKahagon34 cots4 patrols
D Apache20 cots2 patrols
E Seminole22 cots2 patrols
F Onondaga50 cots5 patrols
GTuscarora20 cots2 patrols
IWaponga34 cots3 patrols
JWahonka20 cots 2 patrols
KWillowemoc32 cots3 patrols
LMohawk30 cots3 patrols

Forestburg Scout Reservation reserves the right to move units from one campsite to another in order to accommodate the needs of different size units.