FSR Weekend Camping - Cabins

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Cabin Name Sleeps Heat Source Additional Information

Aquatics Center
32 Electric 2 Rooms and 2 Pavilions

Berg Lodge
24 Propane 3 Rooms

Bolger Lodge
4 Electric 1 Room

Eagle's Nest
16 Electric 3 rooms

Econ Cabin
8 Electric 2 Rooms and Pavilion

Hike Center
24 Electric 4 Rooms and Pavilion

KMSR1 Cabin
4 Electric 1 Room

Doc Ziegler Cabin
6 Electric 1 Room

Porch A
2 Electric 1 Room

Porch B
2 Electric 1 Room

Porch C
4 Electric 1 Room

Quackenbush Lodge
16 Electric 3 Rooms

Tech Center
44 Electric 1 Room

Waterfront Cabin
8 Wood Stove 1 Room

Wilkinson Lodge
34 Wood Stove 2 Rooms

Wilson Lodge
16 Electric 2 Room and Pavilion

Lean-To Site
24 NA 4 Lean-Tos



Heat & Utilities Fees



Cabin Name Heat Fee
Wilson. Berg, Quakenbush, Eagle's Nest, Hike Center, Econ Cabins $35.00 fee
Aquatics Center, Tech Center $50.00 fee

Heat fees are mandatory from October 1 through March 31. A cleaning/damage deposit will be required for all rentals as per pages 3 and 5 of the Monmouth Council Short Term Camping Procedures.

All prices subject to change. The price listed in Tentaroo is the current price for the site or cabin that you want to rent.