Marketing Committee

Monmouth Council’s Marketing Committee is tasked with telling the story of Scouting.  We focus on the growth of the organization – Making sure our story of youth leadership and development is heard throughout our coverage area by parents and youth of all backgrounds.  

You can help!  We are always looking for talented individuals that can help us advance the mission of scouting in the following areas.  

  • Marketing Plan – Develop an annual marketing plan that prioritizes objectives, strategies and tactics that ensures specific outcomes in return for requested investment levels.      
  • National Alignment – Align local marketing initiatives in support of national marketing priorities; Leverage national campaigns and related assets. 
  • Brand Management – Make sure all local marketing and communications are in alignment with national brand standards.
  • Website – Responsible for creating content on our local website that is professional, updated and aligned with national brand standards.  Materials should promote national, the local organization and its activities, including its properties.  Create content, promotional images, videos and persuasive marketing copy that should entice and invite youth and adults to participate in the programs.  Website management includes utilizing basic analytics, or similar measurement program, to improve the user experience and the intended outcomes.
  • Social Media – Create a fresh, strong and constantly updated local presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social media platforms, utilizing a blend of organic and paid/promoted social media posts.  Usage of social media analytics required to create more targeted touch points. 
  • Membership Support – Provide marketing support for membership functions year-round.           
  • Staff – Assist local staff members in developing professional, brand-aligned communication materials.
  • Volunteers – Help build and serve as staff support for our local marketing committee bringing in the knowledge, connections and skill sets necessary for successful marketing efforts, including cross-functional alignment between marketing, membership, program, finance volunteers and staff.  Educate and empower our membership to tell their positive stories through local media as well as through their own social media channels.
  • Newsletters / Publications – Create and publish the organization’s newsletters.  Ability to utilize newsletter publishing platform analytics and tagging to measure and monitor effectiveness and create subscriber sub-groups based on behavior.
    Proactive Publicity – Identify and implement events and other initiatives that can generate significant positive publicity for the organization’s efforts. 
  • Events – Design and implement a marketing plan for various fundraisers and events. 

Committee Members

Position Name
Vice President, Marketing Matthew Dorey
Marketing Chair Julisa Joaquim
Marketing Staff Advisor Michael Mahon
Committee Member Tom Krauetler
Committee Member Gordon Andrew
Committee Member Jeffrey Rumen