MCBSA University

The MCBSA University is a great way to help Scouts work on Merit Badges during this Summer of social distancing while keeping Scouting alive!

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What is the MCBSAU?

The Monmouth Council BSA University (or MCBSAU for short) is not modeled or structured like resident summer camp and the scouts may likely be working on the MB for some time after the session (week) ends. In addition many of the offered MBs will require work the part of the scout - basically advance-work. Unlike in a "Summer Camp format" we are encouraging the youth to start some of the requirements (once their unit approves them to do so) that we can't complete in a virtual environment.

The scheduled sessions are to cover the materials that each MB Counselor determined they wanted done together, in person, such as going over the requirements, outlining how to complete the MB, discussions, lecture and Q&A. Each has a set of pre-requisites that the scout is expected to have ready.

The MCBSAU is a great way to help Scouts jumpstart or complete Merit Badges during this unique Summer of social distancing while keeping Scouting alive

Key Information

Event Requirements

  1. You have obtained permission from your Unit Leader before signing up for the program. - remember, a Scout is Trustworthy.
  2. You must be currently registered as a youth with the Boy Scouts of America in a Scouts BSA Troop or Venturing Crew. For Cub Scout Summer programs, please visit our Quail Hill Summer Programs


Merit Badge Blue Cards & Scoutbook

  • Preferred - Scoutbook As this is a virtual Summer Program experience, all Scouts and their units that are using Scoutbook. This is the best way to obtain unit approvals (see #1 above) as well as for our instructors to confirm back to their home units of the Scout’s progress.
  • Alternate method - Virtual Blue Cards For those units not utilizing Scoutbook, our counselors will communicate via email with the unit leader. Each scout that chooses this method will be asked/expected to email their unit leader and cc the counselor to introduce them. The counselor with then email the progress to the unit leader at the end of the merit badge course.
  • With the sizes of some of these classes, we will be unable to process physical "Blue Cards".
  • Additional information on Scoutbook requirements can be found in the FAQ

Event Pricing

On-time Registration (Discount ends 10 days before the start of the session)

  • $75 for Scouts registered in Monmouth Council, per session
  • $100 for all other Out-of-Council or Out-of-State Scouts, per session

Late Registrations (Registration Locks out Monday before the start of session)

  • $100 for Scouts registered in Monmouth Council, per session
  • $125 for all other Scouts, per session

Event Disclaimer

  • The above information is meant as a quick reference and not totally inclusive of all of the Event FAQs.
  • Please make sure you have read all of the FAQs before registering to avoid any additional confusion to all involved.