The Membership Committee’s mission is to bring the Scouting Program into every neighborhood and every home in Monmouth Council.We strive for growth through the organization of new Scouting units, and growth through new members joining existing units, and growth through the retention of existing members.

Council Vice President, Membership/Relationships Anthony Buccigrossi
All-Markets Initiatives Vacant
Battleground District Membership Chair Vacant
Middlesex District Membership Chair Katherine Anouna
Thunderbird District Membership Chair Vacant
Twin Lights District Membership Chair Lisa Harrington
Staff Adviser Donald Zumbach


National Religious Resources regarding Family Scouting

Membership Resources

The resources listed below provide an opportunity for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing units to recruit new members and provide up-to-date information relating to the Scouting program. If you still need assistance with a Membership issue, please reach out to one of our committee members for additional assistance.

Membership Applications

New Unit Materials Resources

Recruitment Resources

File Name Description
Adopt-A-School Flyer Download
Adopt-A-School Pledge Form Download
Family Scouting MCBSA Download
Membership - Tips for Success Fall Recruitment.pdf Download
Membership-Successful-Cub-Recruitment.pdf Download
Membership-Youth_and_Adult_Application_Checklist.pdf Download
NCCS family program comments.pdf Download
Procedure for Adult Leader Applications.pdf Download
Recruitment_Night_Plans_and_Games.pdf Download
Scout_Talk_Tips.pdf Download
What Goes Inside New Parent Packet.pdf Download
What You Need to Know about Recruitment Download
What_Boy_Scouts_Do_Handout.pdf Download
What_Cub_Scouts_Do_Handout.pdf Download