MS Microsoft Merit Badge Prerequisites

General Information for All Microsoft Classes

Class Size

  • Classes are between 10-16 Scouts. Less than 10 Scouts registered may result in the class being cancelled. At least two Youth Protection Trained adults MUST be in attendance for the class to run.
  • This is not a drop off program. Boy Scout Leaders must remain in the store. Cub Scout parents must remain in the store.
  • Parents/Leaders are responsible for the behavior of their Scouts. Microsoft reserves the right to ask Scouts to leave the program if they see fit. Please don’t put any of us in that position.
  • Please do not sign up for more than one of the same class. It takes spots away from other participants.
  • Please reduce the amount of paper and postage by printing out the merit badge workbooks using both sides of the paper when possible.
  • Last year, many people signed up and did not go back to take their names off lists. That isn’t fair to other Scouts.

If you must cancel, please do so at least two weeks in advance so we can offer your spot to someone else. Last minute emergencies are understandable, but please plan to attend if you are signing up.

Merit Badge Worksheets

  • Completed worksheets MUST be turned in at the end of class to receive full credit for Merit Badge. There are no exceptions.
  • If work needs to be finished at home, hand in what is done at the store and contact Wendy Weiss for mailing instructions.
  • A Scout is Trustworthy. The Merit Badge program must be completed as written to get full credit.

Blue Cards

  • Blue Cards must be filled out completely (and accurately, please) and left at the store with a STAMPED, SELF-ADDRESSED envelope.
  • Cards cannot be mailed back otherwise.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your cards back after the completion of your class

Cub Scout Elective Adventures

  • There are no prerequisited for these adventures


Prerequisites by Merit Badge

Entrepreneurship Merit Badge


  • Complete Requirement 3
  • Complete Requirement 5 and your poster


Game Design Merit Badge


  • (Optional) All of Requirement 4 may be done in advance


  • Requirement 6, 7

Moviemaking Merit Badge


  • Requirement 3A or 3B


Public Speaking

  • Requirement 4 - you will give your speech during class



  • Requirement 1B - bring a copy of your current Cyber Chip Card


Digital Technology

  • Requirement 1 - bring a copy of your current Cyber Chip Card
  • Requirement 2a & 2b - be prepared with materials
  • Requirement 6 - Post merit badge requirement - email to Mrs. Weiss at
  • Requirement 7c - bring with you to class
  • Requirement 9a - research and fill out this area in your worksheet