Middlesex District Committee

District Key 3

Paul Endler

District Chairman

Jeff Scott

District Commissioner

Patrick Kelly

District Executive



Middlesex District Vice Chairs

District Vice-Chair, Administration Frank Battaglia
District Vice-Chair, Fund Development Robert Rafano
District Vice-Chair, Membership Nina Raps
District Vice-Chair, Program Wendy Weiss



Middlesex District Operating Committees

Finance Committee

Fund Development Committee Chair Robert Rafano
Community Friends of Scouting Coordinator Robert Rafano
District Popcorn Kernel Christina Selover
Fundraising Team Open


Membership Committee

Membership Committee Chair Nina Raps
Family Scouting Chair Bryan Molter
Membership Team Shannon Pullaro
Membership Team Mark Lesniak



Program Committee

Program Committee Chair Wendy Weiss
Activities Chair Open
Activities Team Serge Martynovych
Activities Team Karen Williams
Activities Team Joseph Zamorski
Advancement Chair Jesseria Lovelace
Advancement, Boy Scouts Open
Advancement, Cub Scouts Open
Advancement, Eagle Scout Advisor Michael Moriarty
Advancement, Merit Badge Dean Open
Order of the Arrow Liaison Curt Philipczak
Camping Chair Karl Weiss
Cub Scout Camp Promotions Open
Scouts BSA Camp Promotions Jessica Vizthum
Training Chair David Kuo




Unit Service Committee

District Commissioner Jeffrey Scott
Assistant District Commissioner for RT Chris Hurley
Assistant District Commissioner Scott Szymczak
Roundtable Commissioner, Boy Scouts Chris Hurley
Roundtable Commissioner, Cub Scouts Shannon Pullaro



Members At Large


We also recognize the contributions of the below members-at-large who serve the District Committee in one or more capacities:


Katherine Anouna
Frank Battaglia
Fred Beisser
Antony Buccigrossi
Jerry Case
Andrew Cogswell
Paul Endler
Eric Finlayson
Terri McDonald-Hartel
Thomas Hickey
Donald Katz
Patrick Halpin
Diane Hurley
Nicole Kraus
David Kuo
Mark Lesniak
Jesseria Lovelace
Caribel Lopez-Zorn
Scott Luxenberg
Serge Martynovych
Michael Moriarty
Stephen Mellinger
Curt Philipczak
William Plachinski
Shannon Pullaro
Robert Rafano
Nina Raps
Jeffrey Rumen
Michael Sabanos
Jeffrey Scott
Christine Selover
Linda Shafer
Thomas Tighe
Donald Turk
Jessica Vizthum
Karl Weiss
Wendy Weiss
Karen Williams
Alvin Zach
Joseph Zamorski