OA Lodge Game Nights

Lodge Members, join us for a free night of games and fellowship.    Open to all dues-paid (2020) members of the Lodge.  See below for more details.



Saturday November 28 starting at 8PM

Sappy's Game Night of Gratitude

After a day of Thanksgiving and possibly some shopping, join the Lodge for some Virtual Bingo over Zoom.

Following the Virtual Bingo games, some of us will be sticking around to play some online games and have some fun over this Holiday weekend.

Bingo Rules
  1. You must be a registred member of the Lodge (dues paid for 2020).  The games are open to youth & adult members of the Lodge
  2. You must register in advance below. 
  3. One Bingo Card per event registered member will be issued
  4. The Zoom PASSWORD will be sent after registration closes on Saturday morning.  
  5. The Bingo Cards will be sent out about an hour before the event
  6. Any additional "Bingo Rules " will be annouced by the Caller before starting who has the final say on awards.  

Zoom Meeting Link

How do I register in Tentaroo?

The Event Registration is done through Tentaroo.  You would need to log into your Tentaroo Account or click the REGISTRATION button on the top right of the website.

If you are NEW to Tentaroo, you will need to create an account.   Please click the buttons below to get through New Account Creation Steps.

Tentaroo Event Manager Helpful Links for Registration

  • 1. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT which will open a new tab on your browser.

    2. It will bring you to the following screen.Select the MS Merit Badge Fair in the dropdown and fill out the Requested Information to Create a New Account.

    3. After creating the new account, please check your email for a confirmation. Follow the instructions on that email to complete your registration


  • You will need to fill our your Account Profile to expedite the Registration Process

    1. Click on MANAGE MY GROUP on the top right of the Screen.


    2. This will load your current profile or individuals registered to your account. If you are just starting out, it will be blank.


    3. Click on the + sign to add each YOUTH and ADULT to your account, one at a time. Scroll down to Complete to save the entry.



Event Registration - Step by Step

Sign Up for OA Game Nights

If already have a Tentaroo Account, log into your Tentaroo Account.

On the Left of the Home Page, click on EVENTS. All activities within Tentaroo are called events.

Click on the event OA:EVENTS found in the list of current events.

This will load the main EVENT page. Click on the OA GAME NIGHT for November 28.


This will load the main EVENT DESCRIPTION page. Click on the REGISTER FOR EVENT button to continue.

Click on the name of the Youth or Adult from your Group that you are trying to register. If this screen is blank, it means you have no youth loaded into your group. Click on their name and then the OA .   If the event does not show in the list, it means that registration has not yet opened, or we are at capacity.  Once at event capacity, we would be unable to waitlist additional scouts.

Click NEXT 3 times and then COMPLETE


Click on ADD PARTICIPANT to add additional Lodge Members to the event. Follow the same steps - click next 3 times then complete.

Click CHECKOUT to confirm your registration at the event. Click PLACE ORDER to complete the check-out process.

Following your registration, you will get an email confirmation for the event you have signed up for.

If you have any problems registering, please reach out to the Lodge Adviser through the contact form above.

  • OA Lodge Game Night of Gratitude
    November 28, 2020