Patrol Leadership Skills

Monmouth Council, BSA is conducting the Patrol Leadership Skills (PLS) training course again for all of your youth leaders. The course provides Scouts with an introduction to leadership fundamentals in the troop, plus the opportunity to learn new outdoor skills and to sharpen up old ones.

Patrol Leadership Skills is open to Female Youth if we are able to provide the required Adult Supervision and Youth Staffing.

PLS is conducted as a multi-troop course where the participants form patrols and function throughout the weekend as normal Scout Troop under the guidance of experienced Scout Leaders. Each patrol cooks their own meals from food provided by the Commissary. Discussion groups are held on the jobs and responsibilities of the Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, and Senior Patrol Leader. In addition, the scouts learn how to conduct Patrol Meetings and Patrol Leader Council Meetings and how to plan and run a campfire. A portion of the weekend is spent participating in a Scout Skills Show & Do which covers several outdoor skills. The weekend concludes with a Scout Skills Rally where the skills the scouts learned in the Show & Do are put to the test.

Plan now to send all of your young Scouts who will benefit from this first exposure to Scout leadership and outdoor skills training. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide your Scouts with an experience that could benefit them and your Troop.


The course is intended for new leaders and potential leaders between the ages of 11 and 14. The course provides you with a convenient opportunity to introduce your Scouts to some of the basic skills of troop leadership and expose them to several Scouting outdoor skills. The course also provides your Scouts the growth experience of working together with other Scouts from outside the Troop.


This course is normally offered as a part of Veteran's Day Weekend in each November. Please talk to your Scoutmaster today about joining us for this fun-filled weekend.


Refund Policy: A credit can be issued as long as request to cancel your registration is received at least two weeks before the start of course. Registration fees can also be transferred to the following year course upon request.


As some of you have asked, here is our standard Course Menu for Participant Meals (subject to change).

All of our meals are designed to be nut-free to minimize any allergic reactions.

We use a variety of cooking techniques in the Patrol and Troop settings to show the participants (Scouts) different ways of preparing meals.

Please make sure under "Special Accommodations" you list if there are any dietary requests (such as No Beef, No Pork, No Chicken, Vegetarian, No Fruit, No Eggs, etc) that we need to be aware of. We will not be able to accommodate dietary walk-in requests so please tell us in advance.


  • Friday Night Snack - Cookies & Hot Cocoa
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast - "One-Eyed Jacks" (Eggs, White Bread)
  • Saturday Lunch - Grilled Cheese & Chicken (or Vegetarian) Soup
  • Saturday Dinner - "Tin Foil Pocket Stew" (Chicken, Vegetables, Seasoning)
  • Saturday Night Snack - Cookies & Hot Cocoa
  • Sunday Morning Breakfast - French Toast, Hash Brown Potatoes, and Oatmeal

If you have very specific dietary needs not listed above, please contact our staff BEFORE registering.