Welcome to the Annual Trail’s End Popcorn Sale!

Register HERE with Trails End to sell popcorn in 2018

Your District and Council Popcorn Sale team is ready to help your unit make the most of its sale and provide your Scouts with their Ideal Year of Scouting!

Monmouth Council provides the sale materials, accepts product returns from the Blitz Sale, and provides an attractive Prize & Incentive Package for your unit and your Scouts.

Should you have any questions about the sale do not hesitate to contact your District Executive or any member of the sales team.  Below the sales team roster you’ll find electronic copies of all of the resources handed out at the sale kickoffs.
Visit www.trails-end.com for great popcorn sale resources, training videos, and support!

Scholarship Program

Scouts who sell at least $2,500 (online, face-to-face, or combination) in any calendar year will have 6% of their Qualified Product Sales count towards their own Trail's End Scholarship*. Once enrolled, 6% of their sales each year will go towards the scholarship*. Reporting of sales is not automatic, and forms must be submitted to Trail's End each year following the guidelines below. Scouts only have to hit the $2,500 minimum one time, and don't forget online sales count!


For more information about the scholarship program, click here.

Monmouth Council Popcorn Sale Team

Battleground District
District Kernel:
Staff Advisor: Priscilla Borges

Middlesex District
District Kernel: Nicole Soper 
Staff Advisor: Brian Domzowski 

Thunderbird District
District Kernel: Karen Little
Staff Advisor: Donald Zumbach

Twin Lights District
District Kernel: Mike Elton
Staff Advisor: Robert Buob

Monmouth Council

Council Kernel: Priscilla Borges
Staff Advisor: Prisicilla Borges

Popcorn Sale Resources

File Name Description
Online Sales Download
Popcorn Leaders Guide Updated for 2018 Download
Steps to Fund Your Adventure Download
TrailsEndCollegeScholarshipEnrollmentForm.pdf Download
Unit Popcorn Transfer Form Download
Unit Sales Goals Download
Unit Sales Roster Download