QHSR OA Battle of Monmouth Trail

The Battle of Monmouth Historic Trail is not available during the winter months of December, January & February each year due to local hunting seasons.  

We welcome you to hiking our trail during the other months of the year.

A few facts about the trail:

  • The Battle of Monmouth occurred on June 28, 1778.
  • The historic trail is about 11 miles long (a shorter version is available for Webelos dens).
  • A trail medal and a patch are available for purchase by the unit leader for the hikers.
  • The trail begins at Quail Hill Scout Reservation and ends at the battle monument in front of the Monmouth County courthouse in Freehold. (It is not a loop trail.)
  • The trail passes through the Monmouth Battlefield State Park. You can see artifacts from the battle at the park’s visitor center.
  • Significant sections of the trail involve hiking along roads.

Making a Reservation to Hike the Trail

  • All groups wishing to hike the trail are asked to make a reservation for a trail orientation.
  • When possible, we ask that you please contact our lodge at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • To make make a reservation for a Trail Orientation, please  email the OA Historic Trails Committee. Please provide the unit number, number of youth and adults and the date and time you wish to hike the trail (We recommend between 8am and 10am start times on Saturday mornings when possible.)
  • The trail orientation takes about 20 minutes between a short video and giving you printed materials.
  • Please wait for a confirmation e-mail confirming the day and time of your trail orientation.  There are some weekends where either Quail Hill Scout Camp or the State Park (that the trail goes through) are not available

Trail Downloads & Resources

Due to COVID-19 availability for in-person Trail Orientations may be limited. We may need to provide your group with the Trail Information to perform your own Orientation on-site. Please contact the Historic Trails team for their availability.

Battle of Monmouth Tri-Fold Brochure
Battle of Monmouth Trail Map
Battle of Monmouth Trail – Tips n Tricks – Revised 2018

Battle of Monmouth Trail – Historic Trail Merchandise Order Form
Battle of Monmouth Trail – Historic Trail Online Store

If you have any questions, please email the OA Historic Trails Committee.