QHSR Weekend Camping FAQ

What are the standard pricing for your campsites and cabin rentals?

All of our campsites and cabins are rented for the full-weekend.

  • Tent Sites: $70 per site*
  • Tent Sites with pavillions $80
  • Lean To site with pavillion $95
  • Devlin Lodge: $180 per weekend* 
  • Hogan Lodge: $375  per weekend (formerly Webelos)*
  • Scout Lodge: $375 per weekend*
 Current Pricing is listed once you log into Tentaroo and is subject to change.


What additional costs are required on arrival?

  • A deposit for all tent site ($20) and cabin rentals ($50) via check or cash will be collected by Camp Masters/ Ragner upon check in. 
  • To ease the financial planning for units, we have removed the per-person camping fees that used to be collected on site.  

What Does Off-Season Mean?

  • Off-season is any rental of a campsite, facility, building, or full-camp that is not a part of our summer camp programs.

Rules for Use of Wood and Wood Stoves:

All wood inside buildings and outside is for wood stoves only. Each troop will cut its own wood for all cook and campfires. Fire buckets (3 provided) will be filled and handy at all outdoor fires. Stove wood will be replaced to an equal or greater amount. Stove wood should be a maximum of 18" length and 4"-5" in diameter. Council policy forbids: a)the use of chain saws and b) the cutting down of any standing tree. Do not remove hot ashes from stoves. Sunday (or when leaving Q.H.S.R.)

  • Place stove damper in wide open position.
  • Open draft slightly.
  • Fire will burn itself out.
  • Never pour water on or remove hot burning ashes from stoves.

Troops are expected to bring their own wood splitting devices, axes, wedges etc. Axes can be rented at camp. 


  • Latrines will be cleaned prior to departure.
  • Heat one (1) or two (2) quarts of water. (Warm only - hot water cracks seats.)
  • Add small amount of pine oil to 1/2 of your water.
  • Brush seats thoroughly and rinse with remaining clear water.
  • Sweep with broom provided in latrine.