Family Friends of Scouting

  • Did you know that the Federal Goverment rated Monmouth Council's Administrative Costs at only 17.6% ?
  • We have a annual budget of $2.6 Million with over $1.94 Million spent on Program
  • When you register or recharter, the annual registration ($33/youth), Scout Life Magazine ($12/person), and BSA Insurance Fees all go to the National office. 
  • Monmouth Council does not retain any of these Fees.


  • Only 23% of Families in Monmouth Council Donate to Friends of Scouting
  • Friends of Scouting has been on a decline for Several Years
  • Families are giving in different ways
  • “Millennial” families in particular prefer to give up front and not be asked later
  • Crowdfunding tends to drive the new way of “grassroots” campaigning



In 2018 a Monmouth Council volunteer committee was formed to study council funding and if the annual  "Friends of Scouting" "F.O.S."campaign  is meeting it's objectives of funding the Monmouth Council. The study was presented at the Council's February 2019 Executive Board meeting and the creation of a Council Service Fee was discussed.


60 Other Councils around the country have implemented a similar styled-fee as they have seen the same deficit in fundraising contributions.   Here are some examples of other Service Fees currently in place:

  • Westchester-Putnam Council - $54
  • Jersey Shore Council – $36
  • Patriots Path Council - $13
  • Suffolk County Council - $39
  • San Francisco Bay Council - $108
Note: Westchester and Suffolk are most similar to our Council in Size, Demographics, and Financials.


Acting upon the recommendation of the study group the board voted to initiate a $52 per youth Council service fee, to support the operations of the Monmouth Council, BSA.

This Fee will replace the annual “Friends of Scouting” campaign at the unit level. The fee is capped at a maximum of two (2) youth per household. The Board also decided that they will not consider any increase in this fee for five years.  In addition, an assistance program has been established and any family unable to pay the Service Fee may apply for consideration.


Why did we implement a Council Service Fee?


The Council Service Fee is in response to our recent research and conversations with Scouting Families like yours relative to the ever-increasing cost of running our Council, camps and programs and the concept of everyone paying their “fair share” of the those costs at the local council level of the Scouting organization.

From Scouting’s inception, local councils such as ours have raised their own funds and sustained themselves by orchestrating annual Friends of Scouting campaigns with assistance from local units chartered in their area. However, the manner by which people support Not-for-Profit programs has changed — dramatically.  Simply put, we can no longer rely on the legacy FOS Campaign to meet our financial obligations. Realization and acknowledgment of the need for an identifiable and quantifiable source of income caused the Monmouth Council Executive Board to gather information, speak to key unit and district leadership, and conclude that the service fee should be implemented.



1. The fee will be capped at two (2) Scouts per household, due at charter renewal time.
2. The fee will replace the Annual “Friends of Scouting” campaign at the unit level.
3. The fee will not be collected from adult leaders.
4. If you are unable to afford the service fee, an application for assistance will be available.
5. This fee will apply only to Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA (Exploring, Venturing & Sea Scouts are exempt).
6. The existing $2,500 commitment for Monmouth Council Executive Board membership remains in effect.
7. A fee increase will not be considered for five (5) years.
8. Registration fees received by Monmouth Council continue to be sent directly to the National Office, none are retained by Council.
9. The Monmouth Council continues to pay over $100,000 annually to the National Office in franchising fees.
10. The Monmouth Council is a separate, not-for-profit 501(c) (3) registered in the State of New Jersey and independent of all finances from the National Council.


If you have additional questions, please contact any of the Professional Staff or Council Volunteers below.

Position Name Telephone
District Director, Thunderbird & Twin Lights Robert Buob (732) 851-8234 Email
Middlesex District Chair Thomas Grzelak
Council Vice President, District Operations Rob Kee III Email
Twin Lights District Chair Shan Low Email
Chief Executive Officer / Scout Executive Michael P. Mahon (732) 851-8219 Email
Thunderbird District Chair Frank McCann
Council Commissioner Jeffrey Rumen Email
Senior District Executive, Battleground District Donald Zumbach (732) 851-8236 Email