Technology & Marketing Committee

Monmouth Council recognizes that in today's world you can have the best product, but without the right technology your success potential is limited. Therefore council has initiated technology projects to take us to the next level. These projects have great range from website presence to internal process automation.

In order to place such important and complex initiatives you need the right team. The talent that can achieve the goals no matter what they might be. A group of professionals with the energy and work ethic to work through all matters. The experience to provide advanced solutions to a modest organization like MCBSA. The professionalism to work together in harmony towards a common goal based from the policies and spirit of scouting.

As a part of a successful technology plan comes the integration of an experiences marketing committee. Since we understand how integrated our marketing strategy is within technology and digital assets, we choose to have these committees work together closely under the same parent committee.

You can help! The Monmouth Council Technology Committee is always looking for technology donations. These donations may include new or used items manufactured in the past (5) years such as; workstations, laptops, monitors and tablets. These items may be used for the back office and or at camps in technology labs for our scouts.


Committee Members  
Vice President, Technology & Marketing Matthew Dorey
Technology Chairman To be Annouced
Technology Staff Advisor William Montanaro
Technology Member Jerry Ceres
Technology Member Todd Columbia
Technology Member Bruce Nyman
Technology Member Mike Provenzano Sr.
Marketing Chairwoman Cara Larnad
Marketing Staff Advisor Liz Brister
Marketing Member Tom Krauetler
Marketing Member Giancarlo Negovetti
Marketing Member Tom Hickey
Marketing Member Kevin Wong


Current Projects

  • Implement ODS Managed Services for council network
  • Web presence consolidation and one point of information
  • Digital and technical security policy and implementation
  • Digital and technical access policy and implementation
  • Common storage for council, committees, and contacts
  • Internal process reduction through technology
  • Further use of recently installed technologies
  • Adopt the BSA National Brand Identity Guide (310-0231)
  • Develop a resource kit to unit digital presense, promotions, digital media
  • Develop partnerships with complementary organizations for co-branding


Thank you to all those who have served this committee, or donated technology. Your time and donations are greatly appreciated.