Monmouth Council recognizes that in today's world you can have the best product, but without the right technology your success potential is limited. Therefore, council has initiated technology projects to take us to the next level. These projects have great range from website presence to internal process automation.

To complete such important and complex initiatives – You need the right team. The talent that can achieve the goals no matter what they might be. A group of professionals with the energy and work ethic to work through all matters. The experience to provide advanced solutions to a modest organization like MCBSA. The professionalism to work together in harmony towards a common goal based on the policies and spirit of scouting. .

You can help! The Monmouth Council Technology Committee is always looking for engineering talent and technology donations. These donations may include new or used items manufactured in the past (5) years such as: Workstations, laptops, monitors and tablets. These items may be used for the back office and or at camps in technology labs for our scouts.

Technology Team Responsibilities / Focus / Strategy:

  • HQ/ office infrastructure – Datacenter, data storage, backups, switching, internet, wireless, security, wiring, UPS deployment.
  • End-user compute
  • Forestburg / Quail Hill camp infrastructure/ internet
  • Technology best practices
  • Staff training / assistance
  • Cyber insurance
  • Business continuity planning
  • Yearly budgeting

Technology Committee

Position Name
Vice President, Technology Matthew Dorey
Technology Chair Michael Provenzano Sr.
Marketing Staff Advisor Patrick Kelly
Committee Member Ken Brockel
Committee Member Mike Burke
Committee Member Todd Columbia
Committee Member Cash Dosby
Committee Member Dave Gestrich
Committee Member Rich Goldman
Committee Member Thom Healy
Committee Member Bruce Nyman
Committee Member Mike Provenzano Jr.
Committee Member Dave Ragan