TL District Dinner


Dates and Times:

Date: August 27, 2020
Time: Doors Open at 6:30 PM



TL District - Previous Award Recipients Award Honor Roll


The District Award of Merit is presented to registered Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level.

Twin Lights District - District Award of Merit Recipients

The George Engeldrum Award was developed to recognize a commissioner within the district who best displayed those qualities of leadership, friendship, and Scouting knowledge that were displayed by George P. Engeldrum of Lincroft, a man who spent more than 40 years serving packs, troops and Scouters. In the summer you would find him roaming the hills and trails of Forestburg Scout Reservation to assist units any way he could. A person of many talents, his greatest was his friendly smile and helpful hand to all

Award Year Recipient Name
Engledrum 1985 George Engledrum
Marilyn Kreider
Engledrum 1986 Frank Kakol
Engledrum 1987 Marion Donohoe
Engledrum 1988 Peter Andreatch
Engledrum 1989 Frank Kakol
Engledrum 1991 David A. Wolverton
Engledrum 1992 Jean M. May
Engledrum 1993 Denis Longo
Engledrum 1994 Joyce Kaiser
Engledrum 1995 Beverly Yackel
Engledrum 1996 Vicki DeVico
Engledrum 1997 Stephanie Bell
Engledrum 1998 William Maier
Engledrum 1999 Ed Semple
Engledrum 2000 Frank Kakol
Engledrum 2001 Dominic D'Orazio
Engledrum 2002 Michael Elton
Engledrum 2003 Ken Bonnell
Engledrum 2004 Herb Werth
Engledrum 2005 Sandy-Matthew Reisig
Engledrum 2006 Glenn Rossi
Engledrum 2008 Bill Bishop
Engledrum 2009 Matthew Kaufman
Engledrum 2010 Charles Cooper
Engledrum 2011 Stacey Stefanski
Engledrum 2012 Tom Santoro
Engledrum 2013 Roy Gremminger
Engledrum 2014 Lori Zinneman
Engledrum 2015 Thayne Tessenholtz
Engledrum 2016 Anthony Cullen
Engledrum 2017 Shan Low
Engledrum 2018 Chris Harris
Engledrum 2019 Thomas Bogart
Bill Lindgren

The Silver Scout Award was started in 1970 to recognize a Scouter who by their efforts assisted the district executive in the accomplishment of their many tasks. A person who was able to take some of the load off the district executive and make their tasks reasonable and enjoyable. This award is the famous "Silver Scout" recognized as the symbol of the "Good Turn in the Boy Scouts of America"

Award Year Recipient Name
Silver Scout 1970 Edward R. Weickel
Silver Scout 1981 Connie Ellis
Silver Scout 1983 Robert Green
Silver Scout 1984 Daniel Kreider
Silver Scout 1985 Don Morris
Silver Scout 1986 David Wolverton
Silver Scout 1987 Harry O’Connor
Silver Scout 1988 Joan Wyman
Silver Scout 1989 Vincent Hanrahan
Silver Scout 1990 Frank Kakol
Silver Scout 1991 Robert Shea
Silver Scout 1992 Kenneth Busz
Silver Scout 1995 Mike Wyman
Silver Scout 1996 Zack Moros
Silver Scout 1997 Thomas McGrath
Silver Scout 1998 David Legg
Silver Scout 1999 Lynn Anstadt
Silver Scout 2000 William Meyler
Silver Scout 2001 Charles Messina
Silver Scout 2002 Michael Elton
Silver Scout 2004 Howard Steele
Silver Scout 2004 Ed Semple
Silver Scout 2005 Mary Ann Reis
Silver Scout 2006 Denis Longo
Silver Scout 2008 Ken Farmer
Silver Scout 2009 Sandy-Matthew Reisig
Silver Scout 2010 Bill Bishop
Silver Scout 2011 Robert Kee
Silver Scout 2012 John Guaragno
Silver Scout 2013 Lisa Lafer
Silver Scout 2014 Shan Low
Silver Scout 2015 Mike Elton
Silver Scout 2016 John Flemming
Silver Scout 2017 Stacey Stefanski
Silver Scout 2018 Shan Low
Silver Scout 2019 Troy Burnley

The Good Scouter Award was started in 1973 to recognize a Scouter within the district who was identified as a person who was always on hand to help, willing to go the extra mile for Scouting, no matter what the task might be. This individual is selected by the District Committee

Award Year Recipient Name
Good Scouter 1981 Elbert (Bob) Mason
Good Scouter 1982 Frank Kakol
Good Scouter 1983 Stan Zabawa
Good Scouter 1984 Barbara Scalzo
Good Scouter 1985 John Bruns
Good Scouter 1986 Joseph Scalzo
Good Scouter 1987 Walter Downing
Walter Lee
Harry O’Connor
Edward Weickel
Paul Kolodziej
Good Scouter 1988 Frank “Brad” Dargue
Good Scouter 1991 Carl Unsinn
Good Scouter 1992 Joan WymanM/td>
Good Scouter 1993 Jean May
Good Scouter 1994 Mike Wyman
Good Scouter 1995 Robert Smith, Jr
Good Scouter 1996 Denis Longo
Good Scouter 1997 Ed Semple
Good Scouter 1998 Herb Werth
Good Scouter 1999 Charles Messina
Good Scouter 2000 Denis Longo
Good Scouter 2001 Allen Andreatch
Good Scouter 2002 David Wolverton
Good Scouter 2003 Dominic D’Orazio
Good Scouter 2005 Michael Elton
Good Scouter 2006 Ken Bonnell
Good Scouter 2008 John Popovich
Good Scouter 2009 Bill Bishop
Good Scouter 2010 Daniel Dunn
Good Scouter 2011 Regina Mackiewicz
Good Scouter 2012 John Kilduff
Good Scouter 2013 Matthew Kaufman
Good Scouter 2014 Michael Maier
Good Scouter 2015 Sandy Byard
Good Scouter 2016 Thomas Peterman
Good Scouter 2017 Dawn Marie Mulvey
Good Scouter 2018 Thomas Peterman
Good Scouter 2019 Will Purcell


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