Trail of the Pioneers


April 22, 2023



Wagons Start at: 10 AM


Dens only need to stay while racing our trail.   You should be done in less two hours

Let Cub Scouts experience the adventure of settling America by traveling the Trail of the Pioneers!

Dens of 4 to 8 Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos Scouts bring their (Conestoga) wagon along the trail with all of the gear they’ll need to cross the continent. Working with some ingenuity and Scout Spirit, they develop team work and Scout skills in each station along the Trail. The real excitement is watching them grow and improve each year!

Each Scout should bring a bag lunch, a filled drink container, and any snacks they would like. The Trading Post will be open and accepts credit cards, debit cards and cash. They have drinks, snacks, ice cream, lunch items.

Each den provides a wagon and a few other items meeting the specifications available noted in the Leader's Guide. Don't Wait. 

Don't Wait.  Registration is limited to the First 40 Wagons.  
When you register please provide number of Scouts by rank, number of wagons and requested start time.

When you register we will need everyone's name attending. Please make sure to be thorough when adding everyone's name.


Results from ToP '23

Pack 3 Den 1 Mixed 116 pts

“Mixed Nuts”

Pack 50 Den 1 Webelos 133 pts

Pack 143 Den 1 Tigers 114 pts

Pack 137 Den 1 Webelos 117 pts

Pack 143 Den 7 Webelos 116 pts

Pack 501 Den 3 Mixed 130 pts

Pack 501 Den1 Mixed 133 pts

Pack 501 Den 2 Mixed 135 pts

“Gold Miners”