Training Awards

Adult Training Awards (square knots)

Training awards are not “brag bars” that are worn on the adult BSA uniform. They provide visible evidence to our youth members that adults are setting a good example by participating in the program to the same extent that we ask our youth members to do.

Below is a list of the training awards that are available for adults who serve in a unit-level leadership or district volunteer position. Click on the links for the requirements and progress cards for each of these awards.

  • Den Leader Award NEW - Sept 2018

  • Cub Scout Leader’s Training Award
  • Scouts BSA Training Award
  • Venturing Leader Training Award
  • Sea Scout Adult Training Award
  • District Committee Scouter’s Training Award

  • Cubmaster’s Key
  • Scoutmaster’s Key
  • Advisor’s Key
  • Sea Skipper’s Key
  • District Committee Key