Virtual Merit Badges

Class sizes are VERY LIMITED to allow for proper instructor-to-scout ratios.
If you sign up and CAN NOT ATTEND, please cancel your seat as soon as possible so someone else can sign up.
We are working on adding more classes as additional qualified instructors become available.

Class Registration for Out of Council / Out of State Scouts
  • Our classes are open to all Scouts BSA aged Scouts.
  • For scouts outside of Monmouth Council, there is a $10 fee per Class.
  • When you sign-up for the Class, you should sign up as YOUTH - OUT OF COUNCIL/OUT OF STATE and pay the $10 per Class to cover our program expenses.
  • A Scout is Trustworthy.
  • We understand mistakes happen, but any Scout who is found not to be registered to our Council and tries to bypass the $10 fee will be dropped from the Class without a warning.
Additional Information on the Program
  • Scouts must be registered in a Scout BSA Troop or Crew to participate.
  • Scouts registered in Monmouth Council will not be charge a class fee as this program is covered as part of your annual Council Service Fee.
  • Registered Scouts will be sent the Zoom classroom link via email on the day of the first class, about 12pm to the email address associated to the Tentaroo account.
  • Registration is done through your individual Tentaroo account.
  • As seats are limited for each class, please cancel your seat if you will not be able to attend the entire course.
  • Only the first night of the course is listed on the event registration. Please read the course schedules below for days/times before signing up.
  • Remember some requirements require supervision so ask a parent or counselor about these before you start them. Additional requirements will not be able to be completed during these classes. Counselors will discuss these requirements and how they can be completed at a later time.


  • All of our classes are pre-arranged opportunities for Scouts to complete the requirements for each specific Merit Badge. Scouts are expected to come prepared to present / discuss / show the materials needed to complete each requirement.
  • All Scouts will have received permission (verbally, virtually, or electronically) from the Unit Leader to attend these classes before signing up.
  • Scouts will be working from the current Merit Badge requirements. A merit badge workbook is not required for this class but research work may be required between classes. Some of our instructors may suggest using a workbook to help you with the discussions.


Merit Badge Blue Cards

  • Scouts are recommended to use Scoutbook to track their advancement in these merit badges.  This is the easiest method to keep records of these merit badges under the current pandemic.
  • To do this, the Scouts must reach out to their unit(Troop or Crew) and have someone add the counselor to their Scoutbook account.

Scoutbook Reference Links

For Units: How do I assign merit badge counselors to a Scout?

Merit Badge Counselors: How can I update completed requirements?

NOTE: If you/counselor do not want to use Scoutbook, you are welcome to discuss with them how to get the Blue Card to the counselor for signatures/completion approval.

Click here for Current Class Listings

  • Please help us with Scouting's Two Deep Leadership requirement by being present for the Merit Badge Instruction Classes. You may learn something you too and what you heard might give you and your Scout(s) something new to share and discussion in the crazy world of 'cabin fever' COVID-19.
  • To volunteer to instruct a merit badge, please reach out to Jerry Ceres who is coordinating the instructors.


Course Registrations

Remember: The dates below is only the FIRST class of each course. Please check course listings for additional meeting nights

Registration Deadlines & FAQ

Class registrations will close no later than the day before the start of the first class.
If a class will not let you "register today" it means it is currently sold out. Please keep checking back here as there is no waiting lists set up for these classes.

The ZOOM links will be sent out on the day of the first class between 9:30 am and noon to the registered email account