Venturing Officers Association

The Monmouth Council Venturing Officer's Assocation (CVOA) has been established to promote and support the
Venturing program, utilizing a standard organizational structure that enables local councils to grow membership and advance leadership opportunities through communication, program, and administration.

Our Council Venturing Officer's Association is comprised of elected Council-level officers, appointed program participants, and adult advisory staff.

2022-2023 Roster

CVOA President Matthew Carlson
CVOA Vice President, Administration Michaela S.
CVOA Vice President, Program TBA
CVOA Vice President, Communication TBA
CVOA Adviser Mrs. Lisa Harrington
CVOA Associate Adviser Mrs. Carla Fisher
CVOA Associate Adviser TBD
CVOA Members-at-Large Mr. Kenneth Bonnell
CVOA Staff Adviser Mr. Robert Buob
Vice President for Program, Monmouth Council BSA Mr. Todd Columbia

VOA Meetings

Meetings are normally held on the 4th Sunday of the month at 8:30pm.   Please reach out for the Zoom link. 

Officer Elections

Council-Level Officer Elections are normally held as part of the May CVOA meeting.   Details will be posted online.