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Merit Badges

During this Coronavirus outbreak, you can still earn Scout BSA Merit Badges!    Here are a few of the merit badges that can be worked on while at home. 

A few key things to remember about Merit Badges.

  • As always check with your scoutmaster for approval before starting a new merit badge.
  • Most of these will require online research during this time so be sure you have completed your Cyber Chip first.
  • Remember to always use a speaker phone when talking with a counselor with a parent present or copy parent or another leader into any emails you send regarding merit badges.
  • Do not adopt or buy a pet/animal just to complete a merit badge if you don’t plan to keep it. 
  • Remember some requirements require supervision so ask a parent or counselor about these before you start.

For more information on Merit Badge Suggestions, please visit our Scouts BSA Merit Badges at Home page

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