Webelos Woods FAQ

Registration Policy

Advance registrations is strongly encouraged for this popular Council event.  To register for the event, click on the menu to the right to input your information and payment.

Walk-in registration is the day of the event and is required if you did not pre-register. Walk-ins will have a seperate line for check-in which may be longer than expected.   Due to time constraints, walk-in registrants may be unable to complete registration in time to attend some activities depending on your arrival time.  

In other words, we strongly encourage you to use on-line registration to have the best opportunity to enjoy our event and not pay the higher, walk-in fees. 

Please follow the signs on camp to direct you to the registration locations.

Refund Policy

  • If you are unable to attend, we would suggest working with your pack to see if a someone else can take your spot.  
  • We are sorry that we can not refund event fees if your youth/scout does not show up to the event. 
  • Any refund requests would need to be made through the Council Service Center during normal business hours, no later than a week prior to the start of the event.

Event Summary

What is Webelos Woods?

Webelos Woods is the first opportunity for 4 th and 5 th grade Webelos Cub Scouts, and Bear cub scouts, to learn what Scouts BSA is all about. It is a weekend trip that exposes the Bear and Webelos cub scouts to Scouts BSA camping using the patrol method, in a Scouts BSA-led outdoor adventure, supervised by an adult Scout, BSA leaders in troops. The weekend event gives the Bear and Webelos Scout a taste of a little more independence and self-reliance than in Cub Scouts (and this is very attractive to boys and girls at this age.) The patrol method is the way Scouts BSA organize that gives them an experience in group living, working, and fun.

Why is Webelos Woods important?

Studies show that we often lose Webelos Scouts between 4 th and 5 th grade, and when it is time to graduate into Scouts BSA. By getting the Webelos cub scouts to commit to a new, fun and more challenging camping experience before the end of the school year, they are much more likely to continue in cubs over the summer and into the fall, and more likely to then make the move into Scouts BSA the following spring. By building the relationships of the Webelos & their parents with their local Scouts BSA troop's youth and adults, joining a troop becomes comfortable, easy and exciting!

Why is it so important that our Webelos stay in Scouting?

Scouts BSA offers our youth opportunities for personal growth, as well as fun, which are unmatched in other youth activities or elsewhere in our society. The timeless values and outdoor activities of Scouting provide them with a foundation for learning that has nothing to do with school. Scouting teaches responsible independence, decent and respectful treatment of others, cooperative citizenship, and appropriate leadership. As parents/leaders, we also learn how to be better role models of these behaviors ourselves. The Scouting movement has over one hundred years of experience in crafting all of this learning into a program that seems all about fun to the youth. Most of them don't really notice all that they have gained from it, until they grow up to be parents and Scout leaders themselves! In this time of so many negative cultural and peer influences in children's lives, our families and community desperately need the positive alternative support that Scouting provides.

Event FAQ for 2019

1. What uniform do we wear for the event?

  • All cub scouts / adults need to dress for the weather. 
  • Wear sneakers or boots - NO open toed shoes and rain gear if applicable, etc. 
  • Make sure you label everything. 
  • Class B is the uniform for the weekend. 
  • If you are attending the All Faith's Service Sunday morning, you should wear your Class A uniform.

2. Are dogs allowed for the day at Quail Hill?

  • No pets are allowed at Quail Hill.  

3. Do I pay a reduced fee for not camping?

  • No, the fee is to attend and participate, whether you are there for a few hours or the whole event.

4. Can I attend after / before my child's ball game or other activitiy on Saturday?

  • Yes, you can come and go as you need for other activities.
  • You will not get the full effect of this wonderful event.  
  • Please plan accordingly.

5. Is there a parking pass to park at Quail Hill?

  • Yes, please download it from the Webelos Woods webpage, fill it out and put it on your dash when you are in camp.

6. What food is included in the cost?

  • No food is included in this event fee. 
  • You need to bring all your food, snacks and drinks for Saturday into Sunday morning. 
  • The Trading Post and OA Concession Stand will be open.  Trading Post sells drinks, nachos, popcorn, and candy and many other scouting related items. 
  • The OA Concession Stand is only open on Saturday during lunch (11AM - 3PM) and is scheduled to have hot dogs or a similar type of food option.

7. When will I receive my camping area?

  • Upon check in Saturday morning, you will be directed to an area on the main activity field. 
  • All scouts and their parents/leaders will camp together on the main activity field. 
  • The size of the campsite may depend on the number of campers in your pack.
  • There are walkways between the campsites, please use the walkways so as not to cut through other campsites.

8. If I am the only one from my pack, where will I camp?

  • We will have a marked area on the field, that many “singles” will camp in. 
  • You will be able to help each other and enjoy the experience.

9. What are the projected Activites for Webelos Woods?

  • BB Gun Shooting
  • Archery Range
  • Knots Station
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Indian Lore
  • Campcraft
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Compass Challenge
  • Pioneering
  • Council Campfire - Sat Evening
  • and much more !!

10. How do we make a campfire on the main activity field?

  • We will have available for you - 1 half barrel, 1 half barrel stand, 2 fire buckets, and cut wood. 
  • You will need a lighter and fire starter.  NO fires are made on the ground
  • We will have water available for the fire buckets. 
  • All items in the half barrel must be put in the ASH aluminum cans at the end of the weekend. 
  • These will be located in the same area as the pick up area where at the end of the weekend you will be returning the stand, fire buckets and half barrel and any unburned wood.

11. Is there a grate for the half barrel?

  • We do not have any grates.  If you wish to cook with a grate, you will need to bring your own.

12. How do I transport all my gear to the camping area?

  • We suggest bringing and using a wagon, hand truck, etc. 
  • There are 10 large wheeled carts for everyone's use.  They should be near Lawrence Lodge.
  • When you are done using them, please return them to the back of Lawrence for the next person to use. 
  • We suggest you bring a day pack (backpack) for all your day's items.

13. Do we recycle at Quail Hill Scout Reservation?

  • Yes, You will need to keep your garbage separate from your singe stream recyclables.
  • There are dumpsters at Quail Hill marked garbage and recyclables. 
  • Please do not put the lids on the recyclables. 
  • When you do put the lids on, we cannot crush them in the dumpster. 
  • We appreciate your cooperation immensely.

14. Will there be a Campwide Saturday night campfire?

  • Yes, have your patrol practice and be ready to participate with a skit, song, or cheer.  

15. Are siblings / friends allowed to attend?

  • No.  Our suggestion is to bring them to Family Camp, Water Carnival and/or Cubtoberfest. 
  • This is the single BEARS & WEBELOS ONLY activity of the year.
  • Your Pack’s older scouts are moving from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and have earned the privilege of having their own special event!
  • So let’s keep it special and limited only to Bears and First and Second Year Webelos Dens, Webelos Leaders, and Parents/AdultGuardians. 
  • ** No younger Cub Scouts or siblings please.**

16. Can the scout camp with an another adult?

  • We follow the guidelines in the Guide to Safe Scouting. 
  • No adult is to be alone with another scout. 
  • All guidelines of the Guide to Safe Scouting and BSA Youth Protection Policies must be followed at all times.
  • No youth may sleep in a tent with an adult who is no their own Parent/Guardian.
  • Two deep leadership and no one on one contact policies must be followed at all times.

17. What if there is an Emergency?

  • If you get lost or have an emergency, find any Staff member.
  • All stations will have the phone numbers of the Medic and Event Chair.   

18. Is there water available at Camp?

  • There are water spickets on the front Lawrence lodge and near Webelos Lodge, Lass Lodge, and Scout Lodge.
  • Dens / Packs need to bring containers to carry the water and store water in their campsites.
  • Washing dishes is not permitted at the water spickets.
  • Everyone attending should bring their own personal full water bottle.
  • Water jugs will be available at Activity Stations to refill water bottles.  

19. Tips on Sleeping in the Cooler Weather:  (Even in May there are cool nights)

  • Wear clean wool socks to bed. 
  • DO NOT wear the socks that you wore all day, you sweated in them and it will make your feet colder during the night.  Same with your underwear and clothes. 
  • Wear a wool hat or hoodie to bed, all your heat is escaping through your head as you sleep. 
  • Cotton kills -  wear fleece, polyester, etc. to bed. 
  • Bring an extra blanket or 2 to put over your sleeping bag. 
  • Make sure you have a blanket, etc. under your sleeping bag to keep the cold from the ground out.